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Review: The Summer ‘Happy’ Themed Deluxe H2BAR Box

Value of $279+!

The theme of the Summer Deluxe H2BAR Box is HAPPY. I know all the redheads out there will be just as happy as I was when I received all of these wonderful ‘Redhead-Friendly’ approved products in my redhead subscription box. Feeling the summer sun on our redhead skin will brighten anyone’s mood, but as always… remember your sunscreen. This quarterly beauty box has you covered (literally and figuratively) for an amazing summer!

Unbox the incredible beauty box with me:


Tressa Watercolors Color Depositing Shampoo, $8 Value: I have tried this shampoo in other H2BAR Boxes and it is one of my favorites. It smells like berries and enhances my natural red hair without the use of dyes or harmful chemicals. Sometimes in the summer, I notice my red hair fading from the sun, but this product is a best-kept secret among redheads for vibrant red hair. Shop the full-size product here

Prive Hair Moisture Rich Shampoo + Conditioner, $12 Value: I was so excited to try this product because recently I noticed the ends of my hair getting dry from all the swimming and fun-in-the-sun activities. It was time for a revamp and this did the trick. First, it smells unbelievable like coconuts (perfect for the summer). Second, the shampoo lathers really nicely. Third, these two products left my red hair feeling the softest it has ever felt –– I’m not joking! I will be repurchasing immediately.


Tree to Tub Travel Experience Set Shampoo and Conditioner, $12 Value: I went away for a weekend a few weeks ago for a wedding and brought these little travel-sized products with me. They came in a cute little bag and had a real soapberry inside (I can’t wait to either grow it or rub it between my hand to make natural soap). These products worked really well together and smelled like lavender. My hair felt very clean afterward.

Bondi Boost Growth Miracle Mask, $28 Value: I was SO excited to try this product because I’ve seen it all over Ulta’s website and on YouTube. Everyone keeps saying it is an incredible mask. It did not disappoint. It smells like candy. It is lightweight and non-greasy yet hydrating. It left my hair incredibly soft and bouncy. It contains nutritious oils including argan (a potent, natural moisturizer), Abyssinian (intensely hydrating), macadamia (strengthening), castor (helps reduce hair fallout) and jojoba (helps fight frizz). With more use, I’m supposed to see my hair grow longer and stronger. 

[Subscribers received this product OR Zuii Organics Galaxy Luminser Crème, $20 Value]


Sonage Skincare Gommage Exfoliating Gel, $36 Value: This exfoliating face scrub is pretty unique because it is a gel that you let activate on your face and neck for 1-2 minutes and then rub off with your fingertips. I’ve used this a couple of times and I have not broken out and my face feels so soft. It is non-abrasive and is microbead-free. Perfect for getting the dead skin cells off your face.

[Subscribers received this product OR Elevate CBD Cosmetics Collagen Boost Serum, $30 Value]

Doppeltree Eye Mask Rejuvenating Under Eye Mask, $2 Value: I used these tonight after my shower. Before showering, I put them in the fridge to get cool. They felt great under the eyes and they didn’t leave my skin feeling tacky. After 20 minutes, I removed them and my under eyes were much brighter and I had no under-eye bags. I loved the gold color because they felt really luxe. I even used the extra serum that came in the bag as a serum all over my face for an added boost.

[Subscribers received this product OR SooAE Food Story Mask in Pomegranate, $2 Value]

3rd Rock Essentials Sunscreen Unscented, $25 Value: I’ve been going to the beach more this summer because I just moved 10 minutes from the ocean. Sunscreen is a must for me because I burn so easily. This sunscreen is natural, organic, and toxin-free. This SPF 35 chemical sunscreen is also the perfect size to throw in your bag and go. It is unscented and goes on thick, but is easily rubbed in. 

Blue Monarch Anti-Aging Face Cream, $87 Value: In the summer I tend to not use face cream because they are usually so heavy and melt right off my face. When I tried this face cream though I was pleasantly surprised. It is so lightweight yet moisturizing, but it blends in so easily. It is full of peptides, proteins, and vitamins that have been clinically proven to have a dramatic effect on wrinkles. It left my skin feeling soft, supple and more elastic.

Reviva Labs SPF 30 Sun Protective Moisturizer, $20 Value: Another sunscreen!! This is a great multipurpose sunscreen. It rubs in incredibly quickly and easily. It smells amazing! It has SPF 30 and goes on clear. It can be worn alone or under makeup. I would rebuy in a second.

ShiKai Hydrating Healthy Glow Night Cream, $20 Value: This is a nice antioxidant night cream that is lightweight compared to others I have tried in the past. It is very hydrating and helps to nourish and repair redhead skin while you sleep. 


Mineral Fusion Lengthening Mascara, $7 Value: I rarely go a day without mascara so I was so excited to try a new brand I’ve never tried before. This is an all-natural mascara that doesn’t flake, cake or smudge. It is made with white tea and aloe to nourish and condition your lashes. I’ve received so many compliments after wearing this mascara. It is a drier formula, but after a few layers, it looks like you have falsies.

Finally Have Brows, $4 Coupon: The beloved redhead eyebrow gel is getting 5-star reviews and trending on TikTok! All Deluxe H2BAR Box subscribers received a $4 off coupon to enjoy. Shop the eyebrow gel now. 

Mystery Item (Beauty on the Go Kit from A Skin Research Laboratories) $20-29 Value: I got a little kit that contained neuBROW brow enhancing serum, neuLASH lash enhancing serum, and travel-sized neuREFLECTION complexion perfecting polish. These are perfect for traveling and help your brows & lashes grow as well as exfoliating your skin to prep for makeup or skincare.


Tickled Pink Straw Newport Sun Hat, $20 Value: I wear this hat every time I go to the beach It is a neutral color so it goes with every bathing suit and is super stylish and chic. I love the look I put together while also protecting myself from the sun’s harmful rays.

Happy summertime, redheads. Rock it like a Redhead!

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