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Review: The Spring ‘Finally’ Themed Deluxe H2BAR Box

10+ full-size items & $250 value!

This spring I was supposed to get married, but COVID-19 unfortunately made us change our plans and push our wedding back another year. I needed something to cheer me up a little and after receiving the Spring Deluxe H2BAR Box, I feel a lot better. Like the springtime, we sometimes like to start over and feel refreshed and renewed. The theme of this box was: Finally! It’s finally spring and How to be a Redhead’s newly released eyebrow gel is finally here and it’s properly named Finally Have Brows®.

I’ve been able to try out these ‘Redhead-Friendly’ products that How to be a Redhead chose for us! Here are my thoughts:

1. oVertone Hair Care Golden Brown Redhead Hair Kit, $42 Value:

My hair is an auburn red and oVertone’s ‘Ginger’ shade was in a few 2020 H2BAR Boxes. It worked well on my hair. I was interested to see what the ‘Golden Brown’ color would look like. I put it on dry hair with gloves and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then I rinsed it off in the shower. It definitely made a mess in the shower, but it easily came off the tile with soap and water. My hair looked more vibrant, but naturally red still. I really liked it! I would say it is a little subtler than the ‘Ginger’ shade. I wouldn’t use it all the time, but from time to time it will be really nice to refresh my style. I also enjoyed having the brush to use in the shower to distribute the color more evenly.

2. Hairstory New Wash Original, $40 Value:

Subscribers received either this Hairstory product OR Crack Restorative Hair Mask ($25 Value)

This is a very interesting approach to washing your hair. I had to get used to using it in the shower and not having it lather. It doesn’t contain detergents like other shampoos do that tend to strip your scalp and damage your hair. I also didn’t need a separate shampoo and conditioner. It left my hair shiny and airy feeling. I was surprised that my red hair felt so clean afterward. It has a unique bottle, but I learned that the company has a refill program that helps to reduce waste. The scent is a natural fragrance with notes of rose, ylang-ylang, clove, and other essential oils. It also works well with my oVertone to not strip out the deposited color.


3. Derma E Deluxe Thickening Hair Care Shampoo/Conditioner Packette, $5 Value:

First of all, this smelled amazing and like I was at the spa. It has eucalyptus and spearmint oil in it to help nourish the hair and scalp as well as calm and stimulate the hair follicles. It was hard to see a thickening effect in just one use, but my hair felt very clean and hydrated after using this product. It left me with a tingly and fresh sensation and I wish I had more.

4. Joico Color Infuse Red Shampoo + Conditioner, $36 Value

This full-size duo smells amazing! It has a fruity raspberry scent that lingers in my hair. I used both products about once a week to help intensify the red in my naturally red hair. I would recommend using gloves because it can stain your hands, but if you don’t then a little soap and water will take the color off. It makes my hair very shiny, but I wouldn’t use it for every wash because it can tend to be a bit drying. Don’t be afraid to use this as a natural redhead because it just helps to enhance your already gorgeous hair and isn’t permanent. 

5. TYM Botanicals Travel Size Serum, $28 Value 

Subscribers received either this TYM Botanicals Serum OR Lapcos Red Collagen Serum

I love serums! This natural serum works to rejuvenate, brighten and firm while reducing the appearance of dark spots, pores and fine lines. I use this every day before applying moisturizer. I’ve noticed my dark spots, from previous blemishes, have become less noticeable and it didn’t make my skin feel tacky like some other serums do. It doesn’t break me out and leaves my skin nice and smooth. My face feels more youthful and I have this serum to thank. 



6. Babe Lash Essential Serum, $65 Value

This is an amazing serum that helps to grow, condition and strengthen your eyelashes. I have naturally long eyelashes, but they aren’t always thick. I tried this serum for a couple of weeks and I have noticed my lashes growing a little longer and the lashes aren’t falling out as often. I’m so excited to see how beautiful my eyelashes look after a couple of months. It is very easy to apply. I tend to use one swipe on each lash line after washing my face before bed. I have had no eye irritation. I often get asked if my eyelashes are extensions –– which is pretty amazing! 

7. Babe Lash Enhancing Liquid Eyeliner, $35 Value 

This eyeliner is everything you love about eyeliner but better. It helps to enhance both the health and appearance of your lashes. It is a jet-black formula and is easy to use with its felt tip. It delivers a clean, precise, and dramatic line while the peptide-rich formula conditions your skin and lashes.


8. Mystery Item: Full-Size Beauty Product, $10-25 Value

My mystery item was the SolarDerm After Sun Facial Moisturizer. I used this product in the past because it was featured in a previous H2BAR Box. I love this product. It is great in the summer because it calms sunburnt skin. It contains green tea and oats which help to calm, hydrate and refresh the skin.

9. Eye Embrace The Ginge Classic Classic Wooden Pencil, $13 Value 

This is a light to medium copper red color for your eyebrows. It is formulated to blend naturally with your natural red coloring. It is waterproof and comes with a spoolie brush and sharpener to help blend and perfect your redheaded brows. 

10. Morpho Cosmetics Lip Pencil, $15 Value

I receivedPuca Panga’. It is the perfect natural, light nude pink with a touch of sheer light golden sheen. Handy and slim, this easy-wear shade for all skin tones was created to mimic the natural sheen of lips. The natural sheen makes it perfect to wear alone as a convenient long-lasting lipstick without looking matte or cakey. It matches my redheaded coloring very well and is not drying. I like to put a clear lip gloss over it sometimes to add a little more definition.

11. How to be a Redhead Redhead Bobby Pins, $9 Value 

As a bonus, redhead bobby pins were included. It was a great surprise and I am so excited to wear them this spring!

My red hair feels refreshed and I am ready for spring! And don’t miss my TikTok video where I am talking about Finally Have Brows®!


Brenna tries #FinallyHaveBrows in Universal Red 👩🏻‍🦰 Look at our other tutorials for *your shade* of brows!

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