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Review: December 2019 H2BAR Deluxe Box

The Deluxe December H2BAR Box had a $250 value, 17 products (10 of those being full-size) and everything is ‘Redhead Friendly’ approved — sign this redhead up! The theme was a ‘Redhead Winter Wonderland’ and I will definitely use each item I received. After testing each product, this is my takeaway:

1. Reviva Labs Eye Gelee Concentrate, $14 Value

As a 30-year-old, I like to be proactive about anti-aging. I squinted my eyes a lot over the years and have little crow’s feet as a result. A lot of eye creams are too thick for daily use and makeup doesn’t lay well on top of them. I was quite surprised when I tried this product. It was more liquidy and light than other eye creams and it left a cool, refreshing sensation that I knew would help with any eye puffiness. I love using this in the morning before applying my makeup. Makeup lays great over this gelee and helps moisturize my under eye area all day long. I have even noticed a slight difference in the appearance of my crow’s feet. A little goes a long way with this stuff since it is so liquidy. Great for day and night.

2. NIA 24 Sun Damage Prevention Broad Spectrum SPF 30, $25 Value

It is just as important to wear sunscreen in the winter as it is in the summer. This sunscreen is amazing! The active ingredient (ProNiacin) is a version of Vitamin B3 that actually increases blood flow to the skin and you can tell it is working because it causes a “flush” or temporary reddening of the skin when applied topically. This goes away quickly though. It looks great under makeup and isn’t too greasy. It protects my skin from environmental damage (the sun, harsh wind, smoke, etc.). It improves the firmness of my skin as it repairs sun damage such as dark spots & discoloration. This sunscreen goes on pretty sheer which I love because I hate when sunscreens leave a white cast. 

3. SCNT Perfume in ‘Pure’, $10 Value

Some perfumes give me a headache so I tend to stay away from them. This perfume didn’t do that! It is 100% natural, which is great for sensitive redhead skin. It smells very fresh and could be used year-round. The featured ingredients are Blackcurrant, Vanilla, Clary Sage, and Rock Rose. I love that it is made with essential oils which actually help ease stress, anxiety, headaches, and more. Each spray lasted about 3-4 hours on me. 

4. Scandic Skincare Klar Clay Cleanser, $4 Value

This cleanser was amazing for my dry winter skin. I loved the fresh and clean smell and I also loved how it removed all my makeup without drying my skin out. It is a gentle cleanser that is so light and creamy and lathers up perfectly. 

5. Dermala Patch Me (If You Can) Acne Patches, $10 Value

I tried these patches back in August when I received them in my August monthly H2BAR Box. This past summer, I had really back acne on my face and neck. I tried these and they worked like magic. I would put them on any large whiteheads I had at night and sleep with them on. In the morning, I would peel them off and the pus from the pimple was absorbed into the patch. It didn’t leave my skin dry or red. They are great for travel too.

6. Lafe’s Deodorant Stick, $8 Value

I love a natural deodorant that actually works. This deodorant comes in a twist-stick which makes application easier. It smells amazing with a nice fresh scent that lasts for 24 hours. This deodorant has a special blend of natural active ingredients and essential oils that fight odor-causing bacteria without the use of harmful chemicals. It is free of toxins and harmful chemicals because what goes on your body, goes in your body.

7. LuxaDerme Peeling & Exfoliating Foot Mask, $14 Value

During the winter, feet get dry and callused. These foot peeling socks are a great way to chemically exfoliate your feet leaving them clean, smooth and soft. Thes are a little strange at first. You put them on clean, dry feet and let them sit for 120 minutes. They are cold and slippery, so I would recommend putting them on when you’re relaxing and watching a movie. After 120 minutes you take them off and rinse your feet. After 2-3 days you’ll notice your feet peeling A LOT! The skin underneath is soft, new and refreshed. I would highly recommend these in the winter and summer months.

8. Fleur & Bee Nectar of the C Vitamin C Serum, $28 Value:

I love vitamin C serums because they help remove any scarring and redness on the face. Vitamin C has helped control breakouts, keeps skin brighter and prevents aging. This serum is thicker than other vitamin C serums I’ve used, but it is also the most moisturizing. It is all-natural and dermatologist tested. It works great with moisturizers and under makeup. It can be worn day and night. 

9. Living The Good Life Naturally Cucumber Tonic, $22 Value:

This tonic spray smells just like cucumbers. It comes out in such a fine mist which is great for spraying on your face and over makeup. It is especially nice when you keep it chilled in the fridge. I love to use this as a quick refresher and pick-me-up. I also think this would work well in the summer to soothe sunburnt skin.

10. ALOXXI InstaBoost Color Depositing Conditioning Masque in Copper, $20 Value:

I’m a natural redhead (auburn hair) and I was a little afraid to try this product because I’ve never dyed my hair. I did a strip test first and left it on for 2-3 minutes in the shower. The copper color instantly refreshes my red to help it look a little more vibrant. Sometimes in the winter, my hair tends to dull and this is a great little refresher. The color is a natural tone of red. The coconut oil and shea butter help to restore softness and smoothness while delivering high-gloss shine. The sunflower seed oil protects from harmful UVA/UVB rays and helps hair looking vibrant. The sugar beet extract helps to nourish hair and deliver reparative, hydrating, and shine-enhancing benefits.  

11. IT Haircare MEGA Freeze Extreme Hold Hair Spray, $10 Value:

This hairspray worked well on my curled hair. It added shine and gave it a little volume. I love that it contains UV protection to prevent my red hair from fading. 

12. Aquis Prime Water Defense Prewash, $16 Value:

This was an interesting product that I had never heard about before. I love the towels Aquis makes so I was excited to try this product. I sprayed it into my dry hair 2 minutes before taking a shower. It is clinically proven to reduce hair swelling by 40%. When hair is wet it is more prone to breakage so I loved being able to use a product to prevent breakage because my hair tends to break and snap off a lot. 

13. Tarocco Nourishing Moisturizer, $8 Value:

I LOVED the smell of this lotion. It smelled just like a juicy blood orange which is one of my favorite scents. It absorbed quickly into my skin and left me feeling moisturized all day which is very important in the winter season.

14. Nelson J Refresh Your Hair Again DETOX Treatment, $25 Value:

This is an interesting product that you have to actually make (directions are on the back of the bottle) and it forms a gel. It helps to refresh your hair and remove any product buildup. It is made with natural mint and coconut shells charcoal. It is great to keep your hair and scalp healthy.

15. Zabana Essential Glow Highlighter (150), $15 Value:

This is a nice highlighter. It is more glowy than blinding. I used it on the inner corners of my eyes and cheekbones. It comes off a little gold in color, but it is VERY subtle. It is buildable and gives you a dewy look.

[Subscribers either received this highlighter or Giella Cosmetics Highlighter] 


16. Boo Boo Cover-Up Concealer, $10 Value:

This coverup was a little too thick for my under-eye area, but it worked great doing what it claims to do – covers up breakouts. It is thick and stays put all day long and the color match was perfect for my redhead skin.

17. Banded Velvet Headband, $10 Value:

This headband is so cute and festive. The soft velvet is gentle on the hair and the green color helps red hair stand out. I wore this on Christmas and got so many compliments from my family. I also like how this headband doesn’t dig into your head causing headaches. 

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