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Alyssa Showalter

A New Name for Redheads: ‘Fuego’, not Ginger

What is different about your hair compared to the billions of people living on this planet? I'll give you a hint, it is the shade of fire.

By: Alyssa Showalter

You sit at your favorite coffee shop, sipping away at your specialized caffeinated drink all while reading updates on your phone. This has become a habit, for not just you, but millions of people around the world. Nothing about what you do is so different that should capture the attention of said millions. Until you pick up your cup for another sip, that is the moment a random stranger comes up and tells you how beautiful your hair is. You smile and politely say, “Thank you”.

What is the difference about your hair compared to the billions of people living on this planet? I’ll give you a hint, it is the shade of fire.

To be apart of the 2% that was born with a red shade makes us easy to spot from a mile away, and grabbing attention like moths to a flame. If you take a look at the human instinct, people are naturally attracted to what catches their eye. The hands gently, and not so gently, grabbing and petting your fiery locks. The comments, as well compliments, puts us at center stage for many conversations. We have been the ones who get noticed and talked about. Some are born with it, others wish for our beauty and spend hours at the salon to obtain the shade that gets heads turning.

We shouldn’t be called ‘ginger’, but ‘fuego’ instead, which is Spanish for fire. Which is exactly what our hair is.

It is the beautifully dazzling flame that just grabs the attention of many, like it or not. We understand why we are called the names we get. There is a lot of cultural ideas and religious superstition of why we get these nicknames; not just from fear but jealousy, as well. We have been, and still are, the symbols of fantasy and lust. We radiate appeal and fascination just like a flame in a candle. Bringing light within the dark, which makes us so unique. Sure, standing next to a blonde, you may feel like you are being over looked; that just means those who ignore you can’t handle playing with fire.

We redheads deserve to be surrounded by those who can handle it and appreciate the beauty that fire holds. Now, go back to sipping the last of your coffee, and smile to yourself as you look passed the shop’s windows. You get it; you understand the attention and fascination that many have with you. Not everyone has fire for hair.

Rock it like a Redhead!