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4 Gifts To Give Your Redhead Mom This Mother’s Day

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Updated on 5/9/2018

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Show your mom how much you appreciate her with special ‘Redhead Friendly’ approved beauty products to make her feel her best. The most perfect gift someone can give is the gift of amazing skin. A mother’s love is one of the most precious gifts anyone can ever receive, so be sure to show her some appreciation!

There are many different products out there that are perfect for moms, especially redhead moms. Redheads are known not just for beautiful hair, but fair and beautiful skin. As we age, it’s important to help preserve our skin.

Here are some great redhead-approved beauty product choices for mom:

1. Zo Skin Health Line

Zo Skin Health products are wonderful and very ‘Redhead Friendly.‘ These products contain powerful ingredients to go the extra measures to protect your skin. I have used their sunscreen and it works very well on fair skin, and the products work well on young and mature skin.

You can opt to buy a single product or a set, and you get enough to last you a pretty long while before needing to order more. Another great product is the Zo Overnight Hand Recovery. It keeps hands soft and smooth year round. The products are a splurge, but if you have the extra money to spare, definitely look into the products.

2. philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake Birthday Bundle

I absolutely love philosophy’s shower products. The bottles are huge and will last you months. I bought three bottles a little after the holidays were over, and am still on my first bottle. They smell great and leave your skim smelling great after you come out of the shower. The cool thing about these products is that they are a three in one. You can use the product as a shower gel, bubble bath, or a shampoo. All of the scents are great, and are gentle on the skin, so if your mom is a scent lover these are a great gift.

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3. LUSH Cosmetics Yummy Mummy Body Conditioner

LUSH Cosmetics has a vast selection of organic bath products and lip scrubs. This is their first limited edition body conditioner specifically for Mother’s Day. The fruity strawberry scent will leave your mummy smelling great and give her soft, after shower skin. All of LUSH Cosmetics’ products are vegan and natural.

4. The H2BAR Box: Subscribe Now

Who doesn’t want ‘Redhead Friendly’ beauty products sent directly to their doorstep each month? Each H2BAR Box retails for $85-100 each month and the cost of the box is $18.98. This is definitely a way to spoil your mom this Mother’s Day.

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