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2016’s Best Redhead Moisturizer for Sensitive Winter Skin

We found our go-to for this winter:


The cold weather is here. The harsh winds and bitter temperatures can aggravate sensitive redhead skin. It’s very important to choose a moisturizer that not only protects the skin, but understands the needs of those who have sensitivities. We also recommend that you find one that helps to calm and soothe skin, while reducing redness and breakouts.

Low and behold, we found our go-to for this winter: PCA SKIN Clearskin lightweight moisturizer. It is scientifically developed and carefully formulated to improve the health and appearance of even the most sensitive of skin types. At first, we had to check to see if a redhead actually formulated the product! It is that perfect.

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It contains 4% niacinamide, a calming antioxidant; marigold flower oil, lemongrass extract and cucumber fruit extract to promote a clear complexion and even skin tone.

Keep it in your purse and in your medicine cabinet. The ingredients are all ‘redhead friendly’ and your skin will thank you.

Rock it like a Redhead!