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Carmina Alvarez

Redhead Makeup, Hair & Accessory Tips for the New Year

By: Carmina Alvarez

Are you looking to amp up your redhead makeup, hair & overall look? Now that Christmas and New Year’s is behind us, don’t put the sparkle and glamour behind you because bright and bold is all the rage in 2014.  Here are a few tips to accentuate your red hair this New Year:

Hair Accessories

There’s no other easier way to make your red hair super glamorous than with some eye-catching hair accessories. Sparkly headbands, barrettes and redhead bobby pins instantly add style to a simple hair do.

1. Headbands can help you create tons of different hair do’s thanks to its elastic band such as: a messy bun, a half up do, a side ponytail or the bohemian halo hairstyle. Use the elastic band to create a side pony tail, a messy bun or a tuck in hairdo. If you opt for a half updo just tuck the sides of your hair into the headband.

2. Sparkly Hair Barrettes look amazing and add sophistication to a simple hair do, like a blow out or a bun.

Redhead Makeup:  

There are tons of makeup ideas out there, but for the New Year, go bold with a glittery eye or bright lips.

1. Shimmery Smokey Eyes and Eyeliner. In order to add a festive vibe to your traditional smokey eye look, add a shimmery eye shadow on top of your eye lids or glitter eyeliner to create an outstanding set of eyes.

2. Cat Eye and Bold Lips. This is a simple and sometimes tricky look but if done right, will make you look super feminine and chic. Pair some black eyeliner with a bold lip color and you’ll be turning heads.

3. Foundation. In order to look your best, you will need a full coverage foundation to nicely cover your skin without masking your beautiful freckles. Just remember to blend it perfectly!

Hair Styles:

Go big or go home in 2014, right? Big, bouncy red curls or glossy straight hair are great looks for the new year. These hair styles can be achieved with the proper hair tools and always make sure to finish it up with a good hair spray and heat protectant.

If you opt for a simpler hairdo, remember to add some gorgeous sparkly hair accessories.

Regardless of the makeup, hairstyle and wardrobe you choose, don’t forget to Rock it like a Redhead each and every day!




Image: via Pinterest