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Interview with NYC Celebrity Hair Stylist Philip Pelusi

Your red hair will thank you (and Philip)!

Since 1965, Philip Pelusi brought innovation to the hair care industry by pioneering proprietary cutting and styling techniques, unique salon experiences and creating technologically advanced product formulations throughout the world. After years of recognition, such as “Top 5 Hair Cutters” in the USA by InStyle Magazine and designing his product formulas; in 2008, Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi was founded in New York City.

The line has unique and proprietary USDA Certified blends to comprise all Tela formulas. Tela Beauty Organics is the first USDA Certified Organic brand at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Pelusi continues to carve out new categories in the beauty marketplace today.

We had the opportunity to talk with him about our favorite topic: red hair! He dishes his top secrets and much more:

H2BAR: What are your top hair tip for redheads?

PP: Protect your red hair when you are in the sun!  First, use a style groom, like Tela Beauty Organics Guardian or a conditioner that contains natural sun protection filters such as Sunflower Seed Extract, Canola Seed Oil, and Coconut.  Choose a color protection product that contains strengthening and moisturizing ingredients as well as color-fade preventing antioxidants 100% USDA Certified Organic Reishi Mushroom, Chinese Foxglove and Wolfberry.


H2BAR: Do you have a top hair secret for redheads? 

PP: Treat your red hair like the most important fabric you wear.  You wear your hair every day.  Believe it or not, water is one of the number one cause of color fade.  Of course, no one can move, change their water source or stop showering or shampooing, but there is a way to help with this unavoidable problem.  It really has to do with the shampoo you use.  Think about your hair like you would an expensive article of clothing. The idea is the same with hair; what a redhead cleanses her hair with is of the upmost importance. Use a very low-lathering shampoo that is sulfate free.  Look for one that contains organic cleansers like Sugar Cane and Sugar Maple plus organic plant derived antioxidants like Organic Milk Thistle, Wolfberry and Reishi Mushroom.

H2BAR: How can a redhead achieve shine? 

PP: The key to achieving shiny red hair is to maintain the healthiest hair fabric possible.  Healthy hair means glossy, lustrous locks.  Sometimes it is thought that shine is created on the outside of the hair strand; when actually shiny hair is achieved by treating hair from the inside of the hair fiber with the natural and organic proteins and moisturizers. Therefore, it’s important to eat well!

Keep a good hair care regimen using a nutrient rich, color safe shampoo, conditioner and styling grooms.  Be sure to add a super strengthening leave in treatment to this regimen.  Look for one like Tela Beauty Organics Healer that contains 100% USDA Certified Organic Reishi Mushroom, Fo Ti and Sea Buckthorn Berry.  These unique and powerful antioxidants help prevent hair color from further oxidation after coloring; translation, they help keep color from fading therefore hair color maintains more of its vibrancy and shine.  All of these organic ingredients pull double duty as hair strengthening proteins that help replace damage caused by even the safest color application.  Apply a small amount to damp hair before any styling products and style as usual.

H2BAR: Many redheads who turn white/grey want to know: How can they stay red forever?

PP: Hair color will inevitably change over the years.  As we age hair loses its natural pigmentation and eventually turns grey.  Grey hair is actually white hair; meaning it has no pigmentation left.  Find a great colorist and you can stay red forever.  But before applying any color, have an in depth consultation with your potential colorist.  Bring several photos of your natural red hair color over years; even from when you were a child.  Be sure your colorist takes into account your skin tone and eye color.  There are a wide variety of red shades from warm, to cool, to neutral and everything in between.  It is the right mix of red tones that will make your color perfect for you.  Also once your hair color service is done, get on a color safe at-home product regimen.  It is what we cleanse, condition and style our hair with that makes or breaks the color from lasting.

H2BAR: How can a redhead boost her natural red hair?

Philip Pelusi HI RESPP: One of the safest and gentlest ways a natural redhead can boost her red hair is by mixing a color depositing conditioner into her conditioner a few times a week.  Notice I said color conditioner and not color shampoo.  Color conditioners are much more effective at enhancing hair tones as opposed to a color shampoo which is trying to cleanse and deposit into the hair at the same time.

H2BAR: Most redheads have frizzy locks and love blowouts because of the silky, smooth appeal afterwards. Do you have any top tips for achieving the perfect at-home blow out?

PP: There are three magic words to apply here: time, temperature and technique!  Time; meaning make sure you take your time sectioning off damp hair and thoroughly drying each section.  Temperature; make sure your blow-dryer is set to a warm setting until each section is completely dry and then go over that same section with your blow dryer on the cool setting to seal the style in place.  Technique; meaning be sure to use the right styling product on the hair and dry hair with a domed natural bore bristle brush.  Look for a hair product like Tela’s Smooth Operator (which was also in the January H2BAR Box) that helps keep the hair from expanding and swelling during blow-drying.  This is important in that the perfect blow out requires hair to be smooth and silky.  Be sure the product contains natural and or organic ingredients that help keep hair “skinnier” during blow drying as well as thermal protectants such as 100% USDA Certified Organic Fig and Plum that will then have lasting effects throughout the day to help keep hair smooth and silky.  A natural bore bristle brush is also essential to pulling the hair smooth while reducing the chance of damage.

H2BAR: What should a redhead never do with her hair?

PP: The best advice I can give any redhead it to never color her hair at home.

H2BAR: How can a redhead achieve healthy hair? 

PP: Certainly a healthy diet and exercise make a huge difference in the health of hair and skin.  But beyond that, to maintain healthy hair, a redhead as well as every other hair color, needs to treat their hair like they would cashmere fabric.  Cleanse it gently, properly condition it and make sure to protect it during heat styling.  Also, look for a product line that uses the finest quality 100% USDA Certified Organic ingredients teamed with the science of Micro-emulsion Technology to perfect the size of the ingredient to get the longest lasting and best conditioning results on the hair.

H2BAR: Lastly, when someone say ‘red hair’, what do you think of immediately? 

PP: Vibrancy and beauty!