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Redhead Hairstyles: Celebrity Stylist Gives Tips for Red Hair

Carrie Preston at the Premiere of True Blood Season 4.

Mika Fowler is known as one of the most elite stylists in Beverly Hills. She works with celebrity clients like the pictured, redhead & True Blood Star, Carrie Preston as well as Olivia Munn, Alison Brie, Emma Roberts, Annalynne McCord, Malin Akerman, Rosario Dawson, Cameron Monaghan and Emanuelle Chriqui.

She specializes in the art of the dry cut, a cutting technique that she has mastered. Using this technique, Mika is able to take the hair’s natural chemistry, flow and bounce into account to perfectly shape each creation.

She spoke with How to be a Redhead to answer some pressing questions about redheads & their hairstyles:

H2BAR: You helped in the blonde-to-red hair transformation for True Blood star, Carrie Preston. How is it to work with her? 

MF: Carrie Preston is one of the most beautiful people I have met. She loves her red hair and what I focus on when working with her is the perfect cut to help highlight her red hair. One of my favorite times working with Carrie is when she was attending the Season 4 premiere for True Blood. You can see how simple we styled her hair. She likes simplicity and knows what works for her face and what makes her red locks shine through.

H2BAR: What is your advice for redhead clients?

MF: For my redhead clients, I am all for pushing a strong and bold look. Red hair clients are usually fair skinned with beautiful eyes and I want to highlight this every time. A great way to highlight redhead features is by incorporating some type of bang or a cut that is face framing to really highlight their bone structure or eyes.

H2BAR: What are the top fall trends?

MF: My favorite fall trend this season is the bob. We are seeing it everywhere! It has a modern twist, but I also still appreciate the classics: A-line and chin lengths which really add a sharp look to the face. Karlie Kloss and Kerry Washington have rocked a ‘lob’ (longer bob) which works for a lot of people as you are still able to play with this short messy and textured look that is fun and still very in.

Braids and rolls are also a big one for me as it makes any hairstyle so much more fun. I suggest everyone go and check out braid or hair roll tutorials as they are a lot easier than you think and they can really play up a look!


H2BAR: Do you recommend a certain haircut when you have a redhead client?

MF: Not necessarily. If they have naturally wavy hair then I advise they do soft and long layers to highlight their hair color. But, I always recommend the help of products for redhead clients as you do not want the color to look dull or dry; it is very important to keep the hair very moisturized.

One of my favorites products is Joico’s Super Shine Gloss. It is not sticky or too runny and a dime size is sufficient to run through the hair and give it that extra spark.

It is also very important to note your lifestyle and see what it is that you are able to maintain– if you are one that wakes up every morning to do your hair then a short hairstyle is always great, it just requires more attention and maintenance to ensure you are keeping up with trims.