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Fall Beauty Prep for Redheads

Your guide for getting gorgeous this autumn season:

There’s no denying it. Cooler nights, falling leaves and pumpkin spice lattes all mean one thing –– fall is here! But don’t despair! It might be time to trade your bikinis and flip-flops for sweaters and boots, but it’s also the perfect time to refresh your redhead beauty routine. What works on hot, humid days isn’t going to cut it once the temperature drops.

Keep scrolling to learn about all the products you need to transition your hair, body and skin from summer to fall! All products have been featured in either the September deluxe H2BAR Box or the monthly October H2BAR Box!


We know you take impeccable care of your gorgeous red mane year-round, but even the most diligent of us find that come the end of summer, our lovely locks are drab and in need of a boost. The best thing you could do to restore life and vibrancy is to get a cut. It doesn’t have to be drastic – even the smallest trim will remove coarse, sun-damaged ends and polish your look. Switching to a hydrating shampoo and conditioner also helps and using a hair mask twice a week will return suppleness.

‘Redhead Friendly’ Recommendations: Seed Phytonutrients Daily Hair Cleanser Shampoo and ABBA Complete All-in-One Leave-in Spray


Falling temperatures and indoor heating can wreak havoc on your skin, causing dryness and flaking. Switch out your light summertime moisturizer with products that combat these problems without the heaviness of a winter cream.

‘Redhead Friendly’ Recommendations: Hydra Botanica ROSEHIP ALOE OLIVE SQUALANE FACE CREAM Nourishing Plant-Based Moisturizer and Gelmersea Orchid Serum Toner


A plethora of problems can accompany the changing seasons – dull, scaly skin, fading tans (both real and faux), breakouts. Get your bod back in tip-top shape by using a gritty scrub twice a week and diligently moisturizing with a creamy lotion.

‘Redhead Friendly’ Recommendations: Hempz Triple Moisture Herbal Whipped Body Creme, J’enessence Restore & Refresh Natural Body Wash and Belli Skincare Exfoliating Body Polish


One of the first places to show the effects of colder weather is your hands. Keep cracked, scaly digits at bay by using an intensive hand cream every night before going to bed. Be sure to use extra on the cuticles to keep them supple.

‘Redhead Friendly’ Recommendation: YASOU Skin Care Natural Hydrating Body Cream (works as a wonderful hand lotion!)


Because chapped lips are never in style! Use a gentle exfoliating scrub to keep yours soft and smooth. Top it off with a Marsala-inspired lip shade.

‘Redhead Friendly’ Recommendations: Sara Happ The Lip Scrub in Pink Grapefruit & NARS Audacious Lipstick in ‘Jane’

And as always, remember to Rock It Like a Redhead!