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Carmina Alvarez

Redhead Fall 2013 Fashion- How To Recreate The Layered Necklace Look

By: Carmina Alvarez

There’s really no better way to dress up a simple dress, a sweater or a t-shirt than with some eye-catching necklaces. That’s why I love one of the biggest trends for fall, “The Layering Necklace” look — just like layering clothes, layering necklaces takes time and practice.

Statement necklaces have been a huge trend this year and instantly add drama and glamour to any outfit, but by layering them you create a bold, multi-dimensional look.  When selecting the necklaces you are about to layer, I suggest you try different colors, textures, shapes and most importantly lengths. Remember that the type of necklaces (chunky necklaces, delicate chains, pearls etc..) you choose will define your look! So, here are a few tips on how to layer necklaces without looking overly accessorized:

1. A quick and easy way to get this look is to purchase a layered necklace. You simply put it on and it’s done.

2. If you are layering delicate necklaces: Begin close to your neck and layer them an inch apart from each other to avoid any tangles.

3. Layer different types of chains, lengths and it’s completely acceptable to mix colors: gold, silver and copper.

4. Remember that delicate chains CAN go with chunky necklaces, just keep the chunky necklaces closer to your neck and go for longer delicate chains.

5. Shape counts: I’d suggest to keep the same shapes. For instance, if you are going to wear a round necklace, keep them all round. If you are going for spikes, wear triangular shaped necklaces.

6. Mix colors: Throw in different colors to add some dimension.

7. Chains, embellishments, spikes and rhine stones can go together, but it’s suggested that you keep them half inch apart so each necklace can shine.

8. Mix a necklace with another accessory, like a faux fur scarf.

Rock it like a Redhead!


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