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Brow Lamination Tips for Redheads

It's like keratin for your brows!

Updated: November 2nd, 2023

Redhead eyebrows.

Redheads can always discuss their eyebrows. And it’s always super hard to find ‘Redhead Friendly’ approved brow products and professional techniques. There’s a new technique in town and redheads may love it. It’s called brow lamination –– and, no, it doesn’t have anything to do with office supplies (insert *laughing tear emoji* here).

Brow lamination is the latest trend and it’s gaining some popularity in the beauty world. That’s why we had to speak with Brow Bar London’s co-founder, Yana Gushchina, and get the 101 on this new brow trend and see if it’s right for redheads.

H2BAR: What is brow lamination?

YG: I always describe it as the blow dry for your eyebrows. Perfect shape, brushed up, full and thick. It is actually fascinating how it could open up your eyes and even change your shaped face.”

Brow lamination is a new trend in the industry that originated from Russia. This new trend will get you thick, full and brushed up brows that are semi-permanent. It is less expensive compared to microblading; which is a big deal and commitment.

H2BAR: Who can get brow lamination?

YG: Those with incorrect eyebrow shapes, improper growth of hair, unruly hair, thin hair and have a shortage of time for daily makeup.
H2BAR sidenote: Redheads do suffer from unruly hair! Sounds like a great fit so far. 

Elle UK’s Digital Beauty Editor, George Driver, after getting brow lamination 

H2BAR: What is the process like? 

YG: Treatment begins with the shape. A unique solution is applied to hydrate the hair. We then tint, depending on your natural color. Next, we finish it with a nourishing serum. All the products that we use are cruelty-free and vegan. The entire process takes under an hour.

H2BAR: What is the result? 

YG: The brows became flexible, ruly, soft and combed in the same direction. There is no maintenance in between, apart from brushing with a spoolie brush in the morning.

H2BAR: Is there any maintenance in-between services? 

YG: No! Nourish them with a castor oil of your choice since the lamination can dry out your brows
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What’s next for Finally Have Brows? 

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