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Interview with The Starter Wife & Modern Family’s Brielle Barbusca

Brielle Barbusca is a fourteen-year-old actress, known for Grave Secrets, The Starter Wife and Defining Mel. She is making a mark in Hollywood for her talent and work ethic well beyond her years. We caught up with the redhead actress to talk about her current projects, some of her favorite beauty secrets and more!

H2BAR: How did you get started in acting?

BB: When I was three, a manager went to my uncle’s restaurant in NYC, saw my picture hanging on the wall and contacted my mom. I’ve been acting ever since and can’t imagine doing anything else.

H2BAR: Does red hair run in your family?

BB: Yes! My great-grandmother, brother, and dad all have it!

H2BAR: What is your ancestry? Your hair is a deep tone of red. It’s gorgeous!

BB: Thank you! I’m a Sicilian redhead.

H2BAR: Do you have advice you’d like to share with our redhead beauties?

BB: Embrace your fiery locks! They’re so unique. Rock them!

H2BAR: Do you feel the same about your freckles? We think they’re stunning! What makeup do you use to enhance them?

BB: Oh, thank you! I love my freckles. It’s hard to find makeup that enhances them because most makeup covers or fades them. I’ve learned that tinted moisturizers are better when you want your freckles to shine through rather than a heavy foundation.

H2BAR: Back in 2008, you worked with famous redhead actress, Debra Messing, in the USA TV series, The Starter Wife. What was that like?

BB: It was one of the best experiences of my life. Everyone was like family to me. Debra is such a talented role model and inspiration, and I can’t believe I got to work with her. We still keep in touch. She really is a great person. Also, it’s pretty crazy how much we look alike! When I look back on my whole time working on The Starter Wife, I can’t help but feel so grateful for doing what I love with such great, talented people.

Brielle Barbusca (left) & Debra Messing (right) in the USA TV series,
Brielle Barbusca (left) & Debra Messing (right) in the USA TV series, “The Starter Wife”.

H2BAR: You’ve also been on the hit TV show, Modern Family! You played Joyce, a teenage girl who has a blind date with Manny, in Season 1. What was that like?!

BB: It was incredible! Modern Family is my favorite show, so getting to work on it was amazing. I was in awe of the whole cast and Rico [Rodriguez] was great to work with. Our scenes were so funny. It was hard keeping a straight face while filming.

Brielle Barbusca (right) on set of Modern Family's Season 1. Episode
Brielle Barbusca (right) on set of Modern Family’s Season 1. Episode “New Years Eve.”

H2BAR: How do you have the confidence to get in front of the camera? Are you ever nervous when filming?

BB: I’ve never been nervous in front of the camera or while filming. I don’t know why. It’s the opposite actually. I come alive. I’m at my happiest when I’m on set.

H2BAR: You rock the perfect middle part. Do you have any favorite hair products you love to use?

BB: I just discovered dry shampoo and I’m loving it! It gives my hair extra volume and let’s me go an extra day without washing it. Not Your Mothers has a really cool dry shampoo. I actually love all of their products. I also use Do Naturals. The whole line is vegan, so there’s no weird chemicals on my head.

H2BAR: What was your most recent beauty splurge?

BB: I may or may not have bought all three Urban Decay ‘Naked’ eyeshadow palettes. My birthday’s coming up too, so I’m hoping for some new makeup brushes.

H2BAR: One beauty item you could never live without?

BB: MASCARA. Applying coats of mascara is my guilty pleasure.

H2BAR: Haha! Yes. Most redheads say that! Do you have a favorite ‘redhead friendly’ lip color?

BB: I’m all about the light pink or nude tones. Buxom is my current favorite line.

But it gives me leeway to speak my mind-5

H2BAR: Tell us, do you have a celebrity crush?

BB: Ah, so many cute boys to choose from! But I think I have to go with Zac Efron. I’ve loved him since High School Musical.

H2BAR: What’s streaming on your playlist?

BB: Everything! It goes from Lana Del Rey to Fall Out Boy, Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana, Ariana Grande, Jack White, Birdy & a little Ed Sheeran.

H2BAR: Do you have a favorite inspirational quote?

BB: I have so many! I actually write them down in my phone in my note section. My recent favorite is, “It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.”

H2BAR: Any upcoming projects for the remainder of 2014 into 2015?

BB: I worked on a pilot not too long ago that I will keep everyone updated on. Also, there is Defining Mel which I will finish filming really soon. I’m really excited. My character is really mean, which is complete opposite of me, so it’s been really fun to bring this character to life. I will keep everyone posted on my Twitter and Intstagram so you’ll know when to check those out!

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