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Lead Singer Gives Tips on How Bullying Prepared Her For Music Industry

[ In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, How to be a Redhead is featuring stories about bullying and how redheads can turn their lives into success stories. This is Collette McLafferty’s story.]

Collette McLaffertylead singer of edibleRed, an alternative rock band from New York, New York. They formed in 1999 and was signed with Select Records. Many of their songs from previous albums have been featured on prominent TV programs, such as MTV Buzzworthy, and the band has received numerous favorable reviews.

We spoke with Collette on her childhood and how she delt with bullying, not only as a kid but into adulthood too. She said, “I was bullied horribly through school. I have a few tips that really helped.”

First, she suggests finding a productive safe place to hang out. “I always felt safe when I was in an art class or singing. My bullies would actually back off sometimes when they heard me sing,” says Collette. “Second, I suggest focusing on the friends you do have, even if there is only a few. If you have one good, true friend you are already doing better than the rest.”

She recommends, as hard as it might be, seeing the positive in every situation and treat people as you want to be treated. “Third, focus on kindness. I have devoted my life to making sure that I will never make anyone feel the way my bullies have made me feel.”

And, last but not least, Collette exlaims, “Know that it gets better! Many adults who were bullied go on to be very successful, and many bullies peek in school. I am now a brunette, but I was a redhead for several years for edibleRed, albeit a fake one. My childhood prepared me because there are many bullies in the music industry.”

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