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We are proud to announce that we will be releasing the first redhead bobby pins that have been created specifically for the three different types of red hair: “ginger,” “auburn/ruby red” and “midnight red.”redhead-bobby-pins-how-to-be-a-redhead

How to be a Redhead always recommends that hair accessories be worn to make red hair “pop.” Adrienne and Stephanie both realized that redhead bobby pins were a necessity and made the revolutionary decision to create the world’s first bobby pins for redheads!

Adrienne said, “There are so many different types of red hair. The three most common are the “ginger” redhead, the “true red” redhead and the “deep, auburn” redhead. So, what we did was, we took the time and created a bobby pin for each of those redheads and put them all in one easy package. The bobby pin will camouflage into the hair of some redheads, but the bobby pins have been designed to make red hair pop.”

Stephanie, pictured above, always rocks the different color bobby pins in her high buns and the compliments are endless! Sometimes, she wants the bobby pins to match her hair and other times, she wants them to show. With the three options in one package, it is easy to play around with different looks.

The bobby pins will premiere at Rock it like a Redhead, the live beauty and fashion event for Redheads, on March 16, 2013.

Stephanie said, “Every single detail about Rock it like a Redhead has been selected and handpicked for redheads. So, it is only appropriate that we release the redhead bobbi pins to the attendees during the evening of the event.”

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Photo Credit: Kara Kochalko

Hair and Makeup: Kiera Doyle

Wardrobe Stylist: Andrew Reynolds

© How to be a Redhead