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5 Ways to Create a Redhead-Friendly At-Home Spa Experience

Redheads, nothing beats going to a spa and having someone else pamper you. It’s really the ultimate way to relax, but a day at the spa can be very expensive and not always within budget. You can have a home spa day for just a small fraction of the cost, and still feel relaxed and refreshed!

Here are 5 easy ‘Redhead Friendly’ ways you can create your own spa oasis right in your house.

1. Set the mood

You can easily recreate the spa ambiance in your bathroom with some low lighting, candles, and soft music. Spotify has several playlists to help get you in a peaceful state of mind. Diffusing essential oils like lavender can also give you that spa-like atmosphere.

2. Bath time

Put on your spa headband and take a bath with your favorite bath bomb and bubbles. If you have some roses leftover from Valentine’s Day, this is the perfect time to add rose petals to the water. With the spa ambiance you’ve already created, this will feel like pure heaven.

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3. Try a face mask

Apply your favorite face mask while soaking in the suds. Whether it’s a sheet mask, peel-off, or mud, it’ll leave you and your skin refreshed.

4. Use this time for yourself

Close your eyes, breathe, and let go of any stressful thoughts. Read a few chapters in the book you’ve been wanting to start. Remember: this is your time!

5. Final touches 

When you’re ready to say bye to the bubbles, throw on your coziest pajamas and lather on your favorite body cream.

Now that you’ve enjoyed a slice of heaven, you’ll be ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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