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Red Hair Motivates Me! An Interview with Miss Nevada

h2BAR had the pleasure to interview the winner of the 2009 Miss Nevada Pageant, Christina Keegan. She spoke candidly about her life as a natural redhead and her involvement in the Miss America Pageant.

She exclaimed, “Red hair motivates me!”

Christina Keegan grew up in a big, loving family. In 2008, she was attending University of Utah School of Medicine until she decided to go home to Nevada to compete for the Miss Nevada title in the Miss America Pageant. Christina said, “It was such a gratifying experience to win the competition! Their isn’t another organization that gives women, from 18 to 24, the ability to fund their education or the ability to speak out on a national level about issues that matter to them.”

H2BAR: What is your secret for keeping your red hair so beautiful?

CK: Thank you! I wash my hair every other day.

I absolutely love Redken products! The shampoo and conditioner keeps my hair looking shiny and healthy. Also, Bumble and Bumble products are popular in beauty pageants; it helped me maintain my red locks and I’ve never turned back!

H2BAR: Has having red hair inspired your career?

CK: H2BAR is right, being a redhead is a lifestyle. People talk about blondes and what not, but being a redhead is so unique and special.

When I was growing up, I hated being a redhead because I was tall with braces and glasses; I wanted to be a brunette so badly. But, I eventually grew into myself and now I absolutely love being a redhead!

H2BAR: The H2BAR audience is wondering, what is your favorite beauty/ fashion trend this season?

CK: Bright colors! I use to only wear neutral colors because my hair is so bright, but I learned sporting colors is so fun. It makes everything (makeup and hair) pop!

Don’t be afraid to wear prints or bright colors!

H2BAR: Are there some essential “redhead friendly” makeup products you can’t live without?

CK: I am a die-hard fan of anything by Clinique! All their products are fragrance-free which is essential for sensitive redheaded skin.

I also never leave the house without wearing 40 SPF on my face!