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Pump Up Your Red Life with L’Oréal Paris Healthy Look Crème Gloss

Redheads “by choice” are always searching for a ‘go-to’ at-home product that will leave their hair shiny, healthy and most importantly, a brilliant shade of red.

Natural redheads are sometimes faced with fading because of the sun or age and need that extra “umph” to pump up their locks.

We, Adrienne and Stephanie, wanted to tell you about a must-have “redhead friendly” product: L’Oréal Paris Healthy Look Crème Gloss.

It is truly a redhead’s dream because it is quick and easy, doesn’t wash out for 28 washes (if you wash your hair 2-3 times a week, it will last you longer) and the color red is astonishingly beautiful.

Just look at us now!


And at $8.99 a box, it surely won’t break the bank. Now you can save up for those “redhead friendly” wardrobe pieces you have been dying to buy and you’ll have rockin’ red hair.

Watch our experience with L’Oréal Paris Healthy Look Crème Gloss right here.

We are so excited for you to try the product and get ready to feel more empowered and confident because of your gorgeous red locks.

You are now guaranteed to turn heads.

Make sure to go to the L’Oréal Paris Turn It Up Facebook Application to take the 2012 Haircolor Census and  share YOUR before and after photos for a chance to win a year’s worth of L’Oréal Paris Healthy Look Crème Gloss!

Rock it like a Redhead! 

Pictures Courtesy of Kara Kochalko, Styling by Andrew Reynolds, Hair and Makeup by Kiera Doyle, Video Production by Jason Chau and Music Production by Phillip Cocoliato, Photo Location Courtesy of Duane Street Hotel