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Protect Your Redhead Sensitive Skin From Summer Bugs

Many redheads are born with sensitive skin and learning techniques to keep it irritation and bug-free can be a huge challenge –– especially during the summer months. Bug spray is a summer-necessity to keep insects away.

Use these tips below to keep your redhead skin looking gorgeous and bug-free:

1. Stay clear of perfumes

If you still want to smell pretty, but don’t want to attract bugs with the chemical scent, try natural perfumes that can easily be made at home. Grab 1 cup dried lavender blossoms, 1 cup dried chamomile blossoms, 1 cup dried basil and 1 cup dried rose petals. Place them all in a jar and fill with vodka. Cover and shake daily for 1 to 6 weeks. Strain out dry ingredients and use the liquid as perfume.

2. Good Ol’ Fashion Bug Spray

You can’t go wrong with a trusted bug spray to use on your skin while outside.

3. Wear light-colored clothing

Mosquitos are attracted to dark clothes, so choose ‘redhead friendly’ colors like cream, light blue, purple and green.

4. Choose Your Time of Day Outdoors

Most species of mosquitoes are most active at dusk and dawn. The time of day is extremely important if you are aiming to stay away from bugs, so plan your activities around the afternoon. If you are outdoors during the morning and night, wear long-sleeve clothing to prevent bites.

5. You May Be Allergic

Since redheaded skin is naturally sensitive, there is a huge possibility that if you are easily irritated by bugs, you could be allergic to mosquitos or bugs. Reactions from the bite range from skin irritation and redness to shock and require immediate medical attention. Consult with your local physician if you think you may be allergic.

It has been proven that humans give off hundreds, maybe thousands, of natural scents that mosquitoes love; some people have these scents and are continuously bitten and some are never affected. If you’re either type of person, the above tips will help you enjoy your summer a bit more and keep you beautifully RED!