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Podcast S5 EP4: Best Actress Winner and Dutch Actress, Dian Biemans

Tune in for another amazing redhead story

Dian Biemans

Redheads are found everywhere in the world. We connected with award-winning Dutch actress, TV presenter, and model, Dian Biemans. This redhead started her career as a model in 2007 at the age of 17. After many years of working as a well-known international model, she pursued her career as an actress. 

In the last few years, this resulted in notable acting roles in a variety of television series and films. In 2018, Biemans was nominated for Best Actress at the 48th Film Festival in Eindhoven for her first lead. In 2020, after her first international feature film, Biemans was awarded Best Actress at KBS in Seoul, South Korea.

In 2022, Biemans played a leading role in the period drama Slave Market, a Shahid Original series produced by MBC Studios. You can stream both seasons now on the Shahid App.

Make sure you follow Dian and her gorgeous red locks on Instagram.

We wanted to ask Dian not only about her experiences as a redhead but about her work in the film and TV world. Some questions we asked included:

  • Where did you grow up and what was it like for you growing up as a redhead?
  • In your bio, it says you were a well-known international model. Do you think part of your allure in print/camera was because of your red hair? Did you stand out from the rest?
  • How did you get into acting + do you feel like your red hair has helped you get acting roles?
  • Congratulations on winning Best Actress at KBS in Seoul, South Korea in 2020. How did that moment feel?
  • You just finished filming “Slave Market” Season 2. It’s a period drama set in the 1900s that follows 5 people who fall into slavery. Tell us more about it.
  • What are your best redhead beauty tips, specifically skin, and makeup?
  • You have GREAT, full wavy red hair. What are your best hair tips? What is your routine?
  • We see you are frequent on red carpets. What colors are your favorite to wear?
  • What’s next for you?

You can hear Stephanie, Adrienne and Dian discuss all these topics and more on the latest episode of the How to be a Redhead Podcast available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, wherever you listen to podcasts or directly below: 


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