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Podcast S3, Ep10: Kicking Off Melanoma Awareness Month with VERTRA Premium Suncare

The How to be a Redhead podcast is back! Join us:

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Redheads are prone to melanoma more than any other hair color. Sunscreen knowledge is so essential and if you’ve listened to our podcast (or read for the last decade), you know the H2BAR Team is passionate about skincare for redheads. The month of May is the beginning of Melanoma Awareness Month and that’s why Adrienne + Stephanie’s first guest for the month of May is Evelynn Moz from VERTRA Premium Suncare. She is the Product Line Manager and passionate about sunscreen.

It’s scary because a recent study found that many of the American sunscreen products labeled as “broad spectrum” block UVB rays but don’t block UVA rays. UVA penetrates the skin more deeply than UVB. Vertra is committed to creating a premium sunscreen line that is infused with non-nano, mineral UVA/UVB blockers that meet the maximum 80-minute FDA water and sweat resistance ratings. They’re also paraben-free and great for redhead skin.

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For over a decade now Vertra has provided the ocean’s best athletes with superior UV protection with a patented processes. Vertra is now considered the ultimate skincare for anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

We talk with Evelynn about her work with Dior, Chanel, Estee Lauder, Kate Somerville and now VERTRA. As an athlete herself, she was a competitive soccer player in her teens and even played in two world cup tournaments in Europe, so she knows how bad sunburns can be.


We discuss about the following:

1. Let’s talk about VERTRA! Tell us a bit about the brand? Why was it created?

2. Although the brand has roots in the professional surf industry, the products that Vertra makes can be used not only for any sport, but also for daily wear.  Vertra is so beneficial for young athletes, so that they are better protected and more knowledgeable than the generations that came before us. We heard you were a competitive soccer player in your teens and even played in two world cup tournaments in Europe!

3. We’re so excited to have your Pearl White Sticks 50+ a part of our May H2BAR Box. It’s an amazing product. Why is this product so unique?

4. Why is reef-safe important?

5. Not a lot of consumers know the difference between all the ingredients in sunscreen. Why is Octinoxate & Oxybenzone harmful?

6. We know the VERTRA products are 80 minute water-resistant. What does that exactly mean?



7. What are some tips for after-sun care?

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