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Podcast Episode 11: How To Get Glowing Redhead Skin with Guest, Allison McNamara

“Having red hair has opened up so many doors for me,” says Allison McNamara. She’s the founder of the new clean skincare line, MARA, and also a TV host & digital influencer. If you follow her on Instagram, you know she has amazing, glowy skin. We talk all about tips for getting perfect skin, especially in the busy world we all live in; and she also dishes on how she maintains her chosen red hair.

Listen to Episode 11 of the How to be a Redhead Podcast on iTunes 

(Not on iTunes? Search for us wherever you listen to podcasts)

Listen to Episode 11 of the How to be a Redhead Podcast on iTunes 

(Not on iTunes? Search for us wherever you listen to podcasts)

Her recommendations from the podcast are the following:

1. Keeping up her red hair: She dyes it every 6 weeks and goes to Cassondra Kaeding at Mare Salon in West Hollywood, California. Kaeding uses Redken Shade EQ with touches of gold, copper and copper red. If she wants an “up” within those 6 weeks, she will visit Kaeding for a gloss to hold her over.

2. Favorite color depositing conditioner: Christophe Robin ‘Chic Copper’ hair mask.

3. Dry hair: She loves Kerastase Hair Mask.

4. Dewy skin: Drink lots of water. She starts every morning with room temperature water and lemon. When it comes to skincare, she loves simple products and she recommends listening to your skin. Dry skin? She will use a hyaluronic acid serum. Time of the month? She loves clarifying masks or a product like SUNDAY RILEY Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment. 

She doesn’t wear foundation daily. She adores RMS Un-Cover Concealer in Shade 00 and RMS Living Luminizer Highlighter.

She’s into the trendy nude sticks and recommends: NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer.

5. Bright skin: She’s obsessed with Drunk Elephant Vitamin C Serum.

6. Traveling skin tip: No makeup whatsoever on the plane and washes face as soon as she gets to hotel/back home.

7. Lipstick favs: Loves red lipstick with coral undertones, instead of blue undertones that many recommend for redheads. She recommends the clean beauty brand Kosas Cosmetics and loves their lipsticks in the following red shades: Thrillist (bold), Rosewater (everyday), Stardust (inbetween, day or night).

8. Favorite product: ILIA All Of Me Cheek/Lip Tint Multi-Use Stick. She uses it on her lips, cheeks and even to contour! Concealer is her favorite product; she uses it everywhere.

9. Fashion choices: She loves emeralds and bold shades. Allison’s fashion tip: “If you don’t feel confident in it, it won’t look good on you.”

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