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Carmina Alvarez

Part II: How To Boost & Volumize Your Red Hair

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By: Carmina Alvarez

Many redheads lack volume and texture. With the use of the right products and hair tools, your flat red hair can be transformed to a full body of gorgeous red hair. Hair volumizing products add thickness and hydration to to hair, keeping it healthy and full of body. But, you also need the right tools and knowledge of what products to avoid:


1. Purchase a hair dryer that is fit for your red locks. Tip: When blow drying fine hair, do it with your hair upside down and then flip your hair back. This trick will give you tremendous volume!


2. It is important to use hair dryer attachments, like an air concentrator or styling pick. The concentrator focuses airflow on a specific part of the head. This attachment comes standard on most professional blow dryers and gives you more control and direction. The styling pick comes in all different shapes and sizes, and, like hair picks, the pick dryer attachment is used to create volume and lift because it allows you to comb your hair while you’re drying.

3. The hot air brush rotates and blow dries on its own! You no longer have to struggle with tired hands as you blow dry your hair a round brush and blow dryer. The hot air brush gives hair incredible volume because of its anti-frizz bristles that ensure body and shine. Tip: If you have long hair, the hot air brush can be difficult to use because it is designed for shorter hair.

4. Large velcro rollers can be used on dry or wet hair. Comb your hair and starting from the tips of the hair, roll up the velcro rollers and secure with a bobby pin. It’s a great idea to do roll your hair before bed, spray a volumizing spray over the hair and sleep. In the morning, you’ll wake up with incredible volume.

5. It’s best to invest in good quality round brush. If your hair is very fine and flat, opt for a large round brush to instantly increase volume while hair drying.

6. Go to a professional for a blow out. The hair stylist will be able to give you incredible volume while you relax!


1. Oil based products like serums will only weigh down the hair and give it a life-less look.

2. Hair gel also weighs down hair and will make it look limp.

Rock it like a Redhead!