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Top 7 Makeup Tools Every Redhead Should Have

Walking into a Sephora or a makeup department can be very overwhelming, especially when it comes to what tools to have and use on a daily basis. We would see makeup artists with a large canvas of tools and even our friends were stocked full with different kinds of brushes, sponges, tweezers, etc. We began to ask ourselves, what should a redhead have in stock for makeup tools? The answer is pretty easy and it all comes down to necessities.

Here are the top seven makeup tools for your red life:

1. Brush Kit- There are so many types of brushes, but thanks to kits like Bobbi Brown’s Desert Twilight Mini Brush Setit is easy to pick up and buy. Make sure your kit has an eyebrow brush, eyeliner brush and a blush brush. Most kits don’t come with a powder brush because there are so many types out on the market, so choose one like the Make Up Store Powder Brush pictured above.

2. Comb, Tweezers & Brush- You need to keep your gorgeous red hair and eyebrow hair under control, so make sure you have a great tweezer, brush & comb in your possession.

3. Eyelashes- There is nothing like seeing a beautiful redhead with great eyelashes. Make sure to first use an eyelash curler, apply eyelashes like the Eylure Intense Lashes, and then apply mascara at the last step. You’ll notice your eyes widened and more full looking.

4. Extras- It is essential to have more powder sponges at your disposal because they get dirty and old very fast- especially when you apply makeup powder on a daily basis. It is recommended that you switch your sponges every week or two. It is also important to buy good quality sponges that last longer, so you can save money down the road (that way, you can save up for those gorgeous ‘redhead friendly’ fashion pieces!) Try, Laura Mercier Powder Sponges

Now you know what is a ‘must’ for your makeup tools! Keep beautiful and Rock it like a Redhead.