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Opinion: It’s Okay to Dye Your Natural Red Hair, Regardless of What People Say

Am I breaking the natural redhead code by even suggesting this?

If you’re a natural redhead, you’ve probably been told to never dye your hair. When you have a hair color that others pay big bucks to achieve, people treat it like a sin to dye it. While I agree your natural red hair is so beautiful and doesn’t need any enhancements, I also know changing or enhancing your hair color is a form of self-expression. In the modern day world of self-exploration and experimentation, it’s okay to dye your red hair. Here are some tips if you want to go this route: 

1. It can actually enhance your natural red! 

If you’re looking to enhance your red, or just change up your look a little without getting rid of the red completely, try getting highlights or lowlights put in. A well-trained hairstylist can help you give your natural red hair dimension and play up your gorgeous ginger locks. 

2. It doesn’t have to be permanent 

There are plenty of semi-permanent dyes on the market. This will allow you to try out a new color without committing to cutting your hair or dealing with growing out. Semi-permanent dyes fade over time and you’ll be right back to red, as long as you don’t bleach it. 

3. Try a different shade of red with a gloss

Technically, this isn’t dye but it can enhance your red or even make it a different shade of red! Try a clear gloss to enhance shine or a colored gloss to give your red hair a different dimension.

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4. Remember: whatever you choose, it will grow back 

At the end of the day, it’s just hair. You can cut it, dye it or even shave it off and it will grow back. If you want to try a new hair color, do it! Your red roots will always shine through and you can always go back to being red if you choose to. 

Rock it like a Redhead!