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October H2BAR Box: The Anniversary + Redhead Season Beauty Box

Y’all…it’s REDHEAD season. It’s our time to shine (I mean, our red hair always does, duh), but we all know our hair gets some special glow this time of year. Autumn is magical for many reasons, but mostly because redheads are truly living their best lives. The 3rd anniversary H2BAR Box also just so happens to fall in this awesome slot. These six products were a great way to get my redhead groove on as fall hits us full on.

1.Bed Head by Tigi ‘Screw It’ and ‘On the Rebound’

First things first, these are two full-size products with an almost $50 value. If you ever doubt the incredible value of the H2BAR Box, this should silence you right away. I loved both of these products. As I believe I’ve mentioned before, while my red hair has some natural wave, I like to enhance it by braiding my hair at night. Because I live in the southern United States, some remaining heat was making my curls crazy frizzy. Not with these products, though. The ‘Screw It’ Curl Hydrating Jelly Oil I put on after freshly washing my hair, which, with the braids, resulted in gorgeous ringlets the next day. The ‘On the Rebound’ Curl Recall Cream was great for touch-ups until my next wash!

2. AB Skincare Mineral Powder 

I’m incredibly particular about face powders, as I am crazy pale. What I loved about this one from AB Skincare is that it mattified my skin without completing covering my redheaded freckles. I thought it might be too heavy, but it was light and looked beautifully natural.

3. Contours RX Strips 5MM

I cannot stress this enough: READ THE DIRECTIONS. These strips definitely work and, when you actually read the directions, they work fantastically. I say this only because I really liked this product, but the first time I used it, I was terrified. I didn’t sit them correctly on my eyelids and it hurt and gave me a terrible headache. After looking around the directions, I replaced the strips and, much to my delight, figured out how to use this awesome product.

4. Freedom Calming Moisturizer

I swear the H2BAR Box producers can read my mind. I was in desperate need of a new moisturizer and they sent me this amazing, natural, non-greasy and calming moisturizer. If there’s one thing I dislike about the cold…and, it really might be the only thing, because I love the cold, it’s that my cheeks can get kind of ruddy. However, this definitely improves the reddening in my cheeks. Plus, it mattified my eyelids, which can get super oily.

5. Noughty Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner Hair Packette

I got new headshots for my birthday and was so excited to get this product! Why you ask? Because this leave-in conditioner uses Green Rooibos Extract, which makes your gorgeous red hair super shiny! My hair looked AWESOME in my headshots because of these great products.

6. Katherine Cosmetics Eyeliner with Built-In Brush

Im always down for a smudged eyeliner and a product that includes a brush is always a no-brainer. I love that How to Be A Redhead often sends us redheads navy blue eye products. Note: I received navy, but some subscribers received plum or black. The sapphire tones bring out a whole extra oomph to any look, but especially when rocking red hair!

The H2BAR Box always makes me so happy but celebrating redhead season with them is like trick-or-treating early! All of these products are so helpful and amazing, but also super fun. Pamper yourselves in your glorious season, redheads! Oh, and, of course, Rock it Like a Redhead!