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Natural D.I.Y. Red Highlights

By: Sassy Auburn

I embrace my terrific red tresses all the time because my hair is usually is the first thing someone notices about me. I like my hair to be bright, shiny and in the best condition possible. Highlighting and special conditioning treatments can set you back several dollars at a salon and, in turn, set you up for some damage. With the wonderful summer sun upon us, there are two DIY options that can give your red hair a little bit of POP:

1. Take the juice of two fresh-squeezed lemons and add it to two cups of water*. In addition, I take the zest of one lemon and put it in the mixture as well (the oils in the zest help keep your hair healthy). Put the mixture in a spritz bottle, grab a wide tooth comb and head outside. Once you have applied your SPF on your body and face, spritz your hair from root to ends and comb the lemon mixture through the hair. Let the sun do its work for approximately 30 minutes. If it completely dries, you can re-apply the mixture up to two more times (remember to reapply your sunscreen as well!)

2. Rinse you hair with 100% natural cranberry juice. This trick is a celebrity favorite, even Nicole Kidman has admitted to using it! Let it set for a few minutes, then apply a deep condition right over the juice. After 5-10 minutes, rinse thoroughly. Cranberry juice is a great way to naturally boost the red color in your hair.

The result? A head full of gorgeous red locks that are shiny, glimmering, healthy and inexpensive to maintain! Don’t let that sun keep you inside. Protect your skin and pamper your hair while enjoying some beloved rays,

(*Note: Lemon acid can remove dyes and artificial colors from your hair faster than normal. If you color your red hair yourself, keep this in mind.)

Photo Credit: Kara Kochalko,  © How to be a Redhead