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My Complete Feelings about the “How to be a Redhead” Book

"It is a one of a kind guide that is as unique as all of the redheads out there."

By: Sam S.

The How to be a Redhead (H2BAR) book has exceeded my expectations.

I was pleasantly surprised by how effectively this redhead beauty and fashion guide covers everything I would ever need to know about my ‘redheadedness.’ I was introduced to products that I’ve always hoped had existed, products that are ‘redhead friendly’ approved; and an index that is so thorough, that any reader can easily find the freckles section on page 149 – 150. The sections on hair care and makeup had me saying, “I told you it’s because I’m a redhead!,” to anyone who would listen, because I finally had documented proof. 

Not only is the content relevant, engaging and informative, I am also equally as inspired by the quotes, the photographs and the layout of the book. The photographs are stunning and capture the essence and uniqueness of the red hair revolution, and of Adrienne and Stephanie.  

“How can I miss you when I find your red hair everywhere?” 

The H2BAR guide gives me the opportunity to personally relate to the content while providing answers (and proof!) to the many questions I’ve always had about the nature of my red hair. Upon reading specific quotes, I found myself saying out loud, “That’s me, isn’t that me?” to anyone who would listen, followed by, “well THIS is the reason why!” 

I felt like this guide just ‘gets me,’ because it references similar beliefs and experiences that I myself have encountered as a redhead. As a redhead with English and Irish ‘roots’ living in Canada, the transition from the cold dry winter months to the hot summers, leaves my hair begging for moisture.

Fortunately, through the H2BAR guide, I was introduced to the benefits of hair glosses and the options for various natural oils and how they can benefit.   

From frizzy to fine hair, and everything in between, this book doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to hair care and maintenance for redheads.  I learned that SPF for the hair is just as important as it is for the face and skin, as well as products that I found myself googling and then purchasing (just in time for the summer months).I have always maintained that SPF for the hair is crucial, but whenever I’ve voiced my opinion, it has never been well received. Thanks to the How to be a Redhead guide, I now can justify and celebrate my unique need for hair sunscreen.

When I think about books that are hard to put down, this is one of them. And the nice thing is, I get to keep coming back to it time and time again. This book is more than just an addition to my coffee table, it is an essential guide that has earned its place on my bedside table. It is a one of a kind guide that is as unique as all of the redheads out there. 

Rock it like a Redhead!

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