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    Meet Monika

    Growing up wasn’t easy for Monika. It was hard for her to embrace the natural “fire” in her hair due to constant criticism from other kids and later teens, but as the years went by and the awkward “teen years” became past, she slowly began to appreciate her “unique” look. One day, she sat down and instead of hating her hair color and constantly fighting internally to change it, she chose to begin to LOVE it!

    “This is who I am,” Monika says. “My hair reflects my personality, a little bit of fire mixed in with spunk and enchanting sunset melancholy.”

    She also loves how the color naturally changes with the seasons, it gets deeper auburn in the fall and light fire like in the summer. Her one tip of advice for redheads is: “REDHEADS ROCK! Embrace who you are and be proud. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!”