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Mix It Up: Rock Black and Colored Mascara

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There is a lot of debate about redheads wearing mascara; what color they should wear, how much and where on the eye it should be applied. We are firm believers of ditching the makeup stereotype that all redheads should wear brown, light red or translucent mascara.

Darker eye pencil and mascara actually define the eye and the face, giving a redhead’s pale skin a beautiful, unique glow.

This season, why not ditch social norms about redhead makeup and also add a fun twist?

Simply mix it up by rocking black (or dark brown) mascara on the top and colored mascara on the bottom. 

Tip: Apply a few more coats of black mascara to let the eye pop and a few swipes of color mascara on the edges of the lashes to add some pizazz to the eye.

If it isn’t your personality to rock colored mascara, but you still want you look to look fun, apply black on the top and brown on the bottom.

Keep beautifully red! Rock it, ladies.


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