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Milk Your Fair Skin With This Miracle Cleanser

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Every girl knows the take-off-your-makeup routine at the end of the day, which usually includes using a harsh chemical-based makeup remover and cleanser ; and this can leave your skin feeling stripped and depleted.

Our ultra-sensitive, redhead skin is usually kicking and screaming when we use unnatural removers because we end up with nasty breakouts.

We’ve found one of the best cleansers that removes makeup and leaves the skin feeling balanced and hydrated. It is Susan Ciminelli’s Cleansing Milk. It is lightweight and has a special blend of essential oils and herbal extracts.

How to use it: Smooth it on, remove with a warm, wet sponge and your skin will instantly feel soft and perfectly clean.

It is such a great, well-balanced cleanser that men can use it to shave, too!

You’ll be able to notice the difference immediately and your beautiful redhead skin will thank you all summer long.

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