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May 2019 H2BAR Box Review

Redheads light up the world!

The month of May, for a lot of us, means warmer temperatures, vacation planning, and sunshine. Of course, all of those things should also mean extra sun protection, lighter skin products and more hydrating hair products. The May H2BAR Box gave us many ‘redhead friendly’ goodies to kick off our summer.

Alps Antioxidant Cream Full Size, ($45)

As sunshine and warmer weather begin to creep in, this is the time when we may notice subtle changes in our skin. The biggest thing we can do for our face is to keep it healthy and hydrated. This antioxidant cream is packed with Vitamin E which not only nourishes your skin but helps to heal dry patches, scars and wrinkles.

Ocean Potion Full Size SPF 50 ($9)

Bring on those glorious rays but remember to protect your skin in the process. This high SPF sunscreen is enriched with antioxidants like B, C and E, keeping your skin healthy while protecting against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Free of parabens and oils, this sunscreen is perfect for any sensitive skinned redhead.

LM Montgomery’s Anne Novel ($10)

Looking for a book to read while you are relaxing outside with your shades on, drinking a cool beverage? Look no further. Open up and dive into this book for a mind getaway!

Da Vinci Shampoo/Conditioner Packets ($5)

Natural is where it’s at and DaVinci hair care products take that to the next level. With certified organic ingredients like seaberry, chia seeds, quinoa, these hair products are sure to cleanse and protect your red tresses. Your hair will look, feel and smell bouncy and fresh!

Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair Triple Rescue Full Size ($20)

If you are looking for the perfect summer product for your hair—especially if it is “color enhanced”—you have found your pot of gold! This great product was introduced by Paul Mitchell almost four years ago and continues to be very popular. Just shake and spray to help detangle, strengthen, and protect your strands against the elements including the sun.

Timeless Skincare Pure Hyaluronic Acid ($11)

Hyaluronic acid is a substance produced by your body to keep skin your skin and tissues moist and hydrated. A hyaluronic acid anti-aging product is absorbed by the skin, but at a slower rate than the acid naturally made by the body. This product is nice because it can give any of your current skincare products a boost to help fight the signs of aging. Try adding to not just face products but an all-over body moisturizer as well!

Callyssee Cosmetic Café con Lethe Hydrating Mask Sample ($5)

Packed with great ingredients like detoxifying Bentonite clay, powdered milk, coffee arabica seed extract and ground coffee beans, this face mask deliciously gives your skin a boost of energizing caffeine while it gently exfoliates away dead skin cells. As you rinse it clean, it continues to work locking in important moisturizers that your face will need.


BONUS: Catherine Jinn’s Pro Bio Placenta Essence ($43) is an anti-aging powerhouse serum that helps smooth the skin and minimize the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles.

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