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Carmina Alvarez

Makeup Tips For Your Dream Eyes

By: Carmina Alvarez

Eyeliners, eye pencils and eyeshadows are the perfect way to define and enhance your eyes. Not only will certain techniques immediately change the shape of our eyes, but your eyes can appear larger and wider or small and closer together.

Eyeliner comes in various formulas, liquid gel and pencil. An eye pencil is usually more natural looking, and gel and liquid give a glamorous effect. Whatever your look may be, if you’re new at eyeliner, start with a pencil in order to get accustomed to applying eyeliner precisely and then move on to liquid or gel formulations.


The art of applying eyeshadow can be very tricky and very complex than any other cosmetic; but to become an expert, begin with experimenting with different looks and you’ll soon find yourself able to do some pretty cool effects.

Below are the best makeup tips for your dream eyes (and don’t forget that enhancing your eyes also livens ups your red locks!):

1. Wider and Bigger:

Apply a neutral matte eye shadow in a very light tone all over the eye lid. Then a slightly shimmery eye shadow in the same tone, only in the crease and inner corners. This will light up your eyes and give you a wider, more awake look.  With the eye pencil, draw a fine line following the natural shape of your eyes, upper and lower lashes. Your eyes will be perfectly defined.


2. Closer Together:

If your eyes are a little farther apart, it is always suggested to apply neutral eye shadow in a light tone all over the eyelid and a medium toned neutral eye shadow in the inner corner of the eyes. Then, with your eye pencil, draw a line on your upper lash line, starting thicker from the inner corner and finer in to the outer corner. This will emphasize the inner corners and make your eyes closer.

3. Separate or Farther Apart:

Apply a neutral matte eye shadow in a light tone all over the eye lid and a matte eye shadow in a dark tone in the outer corners of the eye lids, to create an elongated effect. Then take your eye pencil and draw a slightly thick line, just on the outer corners as well, to add extra length.

4. Slightly Rounder:

Apply a neutral matte eyeshadow all around the edges of the upper and lower eye lids. Then apply eye pencil on the upper and lower lash line, thickening the line on the outer.

5, Slightly Oval:

Apply a neutral matte eyeshadow all across the eye lid. With your eye pencil, draw a line all along the upper and lower lash line, thickening the line in the middle to create make the shape more oval. Tip: Remember to smudge your eye pencil with a smudge brush as you go, to soften the lines, to create a natural look, emphasize eye definition and to add depth.

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