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Love Your Redhead Skin: An Interview with Meghan Rothschild

Redhead-Meghan-Rothschild1-Interview-How-To-Be-A-RedheadMeghan Rothschild is a 27-year-old proud redhead, seven year cancer survivor and co-founder of

H2BAR met with Meghan to get the scoop on her life as a redhead and her message to everyone about taking care of  your skin:

MR: is actually the homepage for my business, Surviving Skin, that I founded over 3 years ago. I have been speaking on the topic of melanoma and skin cancer for over 6 years and Surviving Skin is the “name” to what I do. I travel around the country educating young men and women (mostly at high schools and colleges) about the dangers of UV exposure, both indoor and out.

At the young age of 20, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Melanoma caused by excessive tanning. Post diagnosis, I have an extensive surgery that included the removal of 8 lynph nodes, and a large chunk of skin on my abdomen. Since my experience, I have had over 30 moles removed because once you’ve had melanoma you’re at a greater risk to get it again.

My goals are to educate has many people as possible about this deadly diseae and break down the misconception that skin cancer is an “easy” cancer to overcome. The mission of Surviving Skin is as follows “Our mission is to inform men and women of all ages about the dangerous effects of sun exposure and indoor tanning bed use.”

H2BAR: We always ask: How has being a redhead shaped your life?

Well, I think with so many of us fellow redheads out there, it was a complete PITA (Pain In The Ass) when I was growing up. I was teased for my fair skin and “ginger” hair, I was called names, told I looked like “Casper the ghost.” You name it, I was called it.

Being a redhead was the reason I turned to tanning booths at the age of 17. I wanted to have a “normal” complexion and look like everyone else… I thought about dying my hair and completely changing my appearance many times.

After 2 1/12 years of indoor tanning, I was diagnosed with cancer.

It wasn’t until a year after my initial diagnosis that I began to LOVE my unique appearance. Over the past 7 years I have come to absolutely love the fact that I am a redhead and wouldn’t change it for the world. I’ve learned the makeup tips, the hair styling and any other trick you can think of to work what I’ve got! Now that I think of it, I can honestly say that being a redhead has shaped about 90% of who I am today (as she smiles)!

H2BAR: Do you have any regrets about the way you treated your skin?

Of course! I worry everyday about the potential for another skin cancer and of course, wrinkles. I’m 27 and use an anti-wrinkle night cream! I don’t however, regret having skin cancer. It has made me the strong person I am today and even if I could, I wouldn’t change a thing. I was diagnosed for a reason, and skin cancer awareness is my life’s mission.

H2BAR: Do you have any tips or recommendations for redheaded skin?

Moisturize, exfoliate, and have a professional help you pick your makeup colors. They know best and us redheads can be a challenge! And make sure to pamper yourself... your skin is the largest organ “in” our body. We need to treat it with love and care.

H2BAR: Do you have a favorite product/ product line?

I love Ava Anderson non-toxic. They have a fantastic line of skin care products and most of the ingredients (if not ALL) are a zero on the cosmetic database. I also love Sevin Nyne and Clarins sunless tanners – my pasty legs’ best friend.

H2BAR: What is your favorite sunscreen?

Ava Anderson SPF, Eucerin daily SPF lotion, and Neutrogena tinted facial moisturizer with a 30 SPF.

Rock it like a Redhead!