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Kentucky Derby Fashion Inspiration

For one weekend in the spring, celebrities and fans alike flock to Louisville, Kentucky for an American tradition known as the Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby is a hub for fashion and notoriously famous for the large statement sun hats. The hats are definitely the center of attention and although most of the hats worn at the Kentucky Derby are not fit for everyday use, you rock some of these fun hats this spring season:

1. 1920 Flapper: Peacock feathers 1920’s flapper style is still a contemporary look for modern day women. Feather peacock pieces in hair are gorgeous on their own, but when paired with red hair, it is an unforgettable match. Opt for hair pieces that clip into the hair or simply attach it to one of your favorite hats for a unique look.

2. Fedora: Although “The Fedora” is generally thought of as menswear, it is actually the opposite. The fedora, going way back to the late 1800’s originated from a play, as a fashion item for women. Soon after though, beginning in the 1910’s it became a fashion staple for men. Luckily for both sexes (and for redheads), the fedora today is deemed acceptable wear for both parties. It is a truly timeless look for redheads and colors like black, brown and grey are best because they match all outfits and compliment red locks.

3. Floppy: Day or night, fall or spring. From running errands around town to shopping to brunching with friends, this is one accessory that can accompany you just about everywhere. The floppy hat will pull together your look and give it a classic feel. It is best paired with maxi dresses, leather jackets, and wavy red hair.

4. Bold Colors: Red, purple, blue or green are fantastic choices for redheads. Make sure to amp up your makeup, wear your hair down and wear a neutral outfit since all the attraction should be on your hair and bold hat!

5. Statement: Unlike a full size hat, a small hat does not encompass and grip onto your whole head, so it needs some extra help to stay in place. Some small hats come equipped with combs, or you can use a bobby pin to secure it to the head. They are fun accessories to pair with an outfit for a special occasion.

Rock it like a Redhead!