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Karen Gillan's Beauty Secrets

By: Guest Writer, Taylah

Karen Gillan once said,  “I got teased for being a redhead when I was younger, which is strange because I’m Scottish and there are loads of us – we should unite forces! I love my red hair.”

So, how does Karen Rock it like a Redhead?

If there is something that I love about Karen Gillan, it is that she is not afraid to wear any color. If you look through the pages of magazines and pictures of the events she attends (or even those paparazzi pictures where she always looks fabulous!), you will see she’s worn every hue from orange to blue, including yellow, red and of course, green too! She also loves rocking pastel shades, dark burgundies and my favorite redhead colors—purple and plum!

Here are the ways to get Karen Gillan’s look:

1. Her style is impeccable, mixing statement pieces with vintage clothing and very small skirts or shorts and you can always see her out in the cold wearing extremely long coats and accessorized with maxi-bags.Karen’s makeup is natural and toned down using peach, soft pink or earthy colors; though she is sometimes more daring and goes for a statement smokey eye, heavy mascara or even a super red lip!

2. But, Karen’s biggest secret is how she keeps her porcelain skin healthy after hours and hours of makeup and stress on set. She confessed her go-to cream is Chanel “Précision UV Essentiel” with SPF50. She explains: “I always wear sunscreen in the summer. I like porcelain skin and it’s definitely better than going red [from a sunburn].”

3. Karen’s hair stands out by itself, but sometimes it looks even redder than usual. Apart from wearing color-specific conditioners, if you are blessed with natural red hair and want to make it look fiery red without having to use hair dye, I’d recommend Revlon Professional’s Nutri Color Cream on shades 734 or 740.

This conditioning cream contains non-permanent coloring for natural or bottled redheads who want to keep their color lasting longer and makes your hair look healthy while making your red locks look even more pigmented!

Rock it like a Redhead!