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If you’re one of the lucky 500 H2BAR Box subscribers, then you must have already fallen in love with Blue Lizard’s Sensitive Sunscreen. It is originally created in Australia, where sunscreen standards are the strictest in the world. It is also ranked as one of the top sunscreens by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). And, the bottle itself changes color from white to blue when it is exposed to harmful UV rays reminding you to put on sunscreen.

Blue Lizard is moving in a new direction and its mission is about really educating the public about the dangers of sun exposure and skin cancer prevention. They are always transparent about its products, listing every ingredient (and why it’s used) and providing the best resources to help consumers understand what makes an effective sunscreen. And, they want those who are passionate about Blue Lizard to spread the word!

If you’re one of those ladies (just like us), join in on the new Blue Lizard programs to help promote the sunscreen brand, while giving yourself the opportunity to win free dollars towards more sunscreen product!

1.  Gift Card Program: Allows you to buy Blue Lizard® Gift Cards for $10 and sell them for $20, which the buyer can then redeem at for $20 worth of sunscreen. So you make $10 on every card sold.

2. Affiliate Program: Allows you to sign up for a unique link to our site and each time someone makes a purchase from your link, you receive $2 for the referral.

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In the meantime, rock your gorgeous skin, red hair.. and remember to apply sunscreen 365 days a year.

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