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Brenna Gray

It’s True! All Redheads Have Rutilism

By: Brenna Gray

Have you ever had one of those days when you wanted to sleep in and not go to work or school? Or perhaps you just don’t want to hang out with someone, but don’t want to make them upset? Well, next time you want to skip out on something I have the perfect excuse you can use. Say you have Rutilism. Many people will think you’re sick with some sort of horrible disease and beg you to stay home to rest. Only you will know the true meaning behind this mysterious “disease” and get away with it.

Have I frightened you yet or turned you into a hypochondriac? You’re probably wondering what Rutilism is now? No need to fear. It’s actually quite simple. The definition of Rutilism is the ‘condition of being redheaded’. It also means ‘the presence of infrequent colorings’. The word Rutilism derives from the French language. “Rutilisme–coloration rousse des poils et cheveux” means the red coloration of hair.

It is not an actual disease, but it sure sounds like something scary. I like to joke around with people about it just to see the looks on their faces. Now you may think I’m telling you to lie, but the truth is all redheads do have this ‘condition’. You are, in fact, always telling the truth. Having them believe it’s an actual illness can get away with hooky — well I can’t help you there. It’s worth a shot though.

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