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Invest in Suga-hh!

You hear and read it everywhere: exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate.

When you exfoliate, it scrubs off dead skin and rejuvenates.

Throughout the years, we’ve spent hundreds of dollars buying different exfoliating scrubs and we wish we would have known to use sugar all along!

Yes, sugar!

We buy Sugar of the Raw Sugar at our local grocery store. It’s usually $3-5.00 depending where you shop.

Since our redheaded skin is sensitive, especially behind the back of our arms, the sugar gives our skin a polished, baby feel.

We keep a container of sugar in the shower and follow this regiment two or three times a week:

1. Make sure your palm is wet

2. Combine body soap (make sure it doesn’t have harmful chemicals or perfumes!) with sugar until you have a pasty exfoliating scrub

3. Start from the bottom of your feet and work up to your neck and face. Once you get to your face, be careful around the eye area.

Trick: You can even use it to exfoliate your lips! Before bed, use the same regimen as above and then apply lipgloss over night.

Your redheaded skin (and lips) will glow all week!

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