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Interview with the Makeup Artist from ‘Bridesmaids,’ ‘Desperate Housewives’

Sherilyn Stetz is a celebrity makeup artist who has worked on the set of Desperate Housewives for five seasons and Bridesmaids; she has also done makeup for Dixie Carter, Tom Hanks, Marg Helgenberger (a beautiful redhead!) and many, many more! M.A.C. chose Sherilyn as one (there were five other makeup artists chosen, too) of their Master Makeup Artists of the Year and she has spent her time teaching other artists how to achieve a fresh look for anyone on film and television.

She now works on a popular television late night show. Sherilyn loves being able to make anyone look fantastic and How to be a Redhead had the pleasure to talk with her about how redheads can achieve rockin’ makeup looks:

1. H2BAR: How did you got started in the beauty business?

Sherilyn: I was inspired by my best friends father, Jack Wilson, who was a famous makeup artist for film and television. I  studied art in school and use to do makeovers on all my friends. I dreamed of making beautiful faces and as fate would have it, one day I met this amazing, self made woman on a plane. We began talking and she was the owner of a cosmetics company and a successful makeup artist!

We were both coming home to Southern California, so she asked me to come to her shop when I had the time. From there she inspired me to go to school.

I had a fantastic teacher in beauty school and when I graduated, I ended up working as a makeup artist in Beverly Hills for Allan Edwards.

Allan was THE hairdresser of that time, so every actor/actress flocked to the salon. It was the best exposure a makeup artist could receive; I was doing makeup for actresses on TV and many photo shoots.

I began to fall into my niche and before I knew it, landed a job on my first television show, Baywatch.

2. H2BAR: Do you have a signature look as a makeup artist?

Sherilyn: I am known for a clean and natural look. I love to see SKIN- it’s sexy!

3. H2BAR: Do you have any key makeup tips for redheads with sensitive skin?

Sherilyn: Always make sure your cleansers are made for sensitive skin types because natural redheads have thinner and more sensitive skin than brunettes and blondes. I always use a foundation that works hand in hand for a redheads natural skin texture.

Try a tinted moisturizer or for a bit more coverage, a “BB” cream is fantastic!

4. H2BAR: Do you have a favorite makeup brand that you love working with?

Sherilyn: I love M.A.C. and its ‘Prep and Prime’ powder because it works on anyone.

5. What items do you believe should be in every women’s daily makeup bag?


1. Brushes: Invest in some nice brushes and keep them clean because they will take care of you in return.

2. Tinted Moisturizer: I like to keep it simple with a tinted moisturizer that has an SPF.

3. Concealer: DuWop has a great, natural concealer called ‘Surface.’

4. Eyelash curler

5. Good tweezer

6. Color for Your Cheeks: I love Rosie Jane ‘Poppy.’

7. Mascara

8. Eyepencil: Smashbox has a great limitless eyeliner.

9. Eyeshadows: A small palette of eyeshadows that will take you from day to night

10. Moisturizer: I carry around a sample size so it doesn’t take up too much room. La Mer is a great brand!

6. H2BAR: What does your typical day as a celebrity makeup artist entail?

Sherilyn: Currently, I work on a Late Night Talk Show. We do alot of “skits” written by various writers on the show and rarely have notice as to what makeup we will have to do. Plus, there are time restraints because we tape at a certain time every day.

I could be making someone look like Frankenstein to disco dancers, to clowns, to just straight makeup- we never know!

The show is more creative than most TV shows,where you have a set look for that character. First, I get our house band ready and then our guests.The guests can range from Tom Hanks to Sarah Silverman!

7. H2BAR: Who is your favorite redhead celebrity?

Sherilyn: I love Amy Yasbeck. I think she embodies that redheaded spirit and is very beautiful inside and out.

8. H2BAR: You are a successful woman who has worked hard to get to the top. What is your advice for the How to be a Redhead audience?

Sherilyn: Believe in yourself and I love the quote, “Be known for not only living the length of your life, but the width of it as well.”

Want more Sherilyn? Visit her website.