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Interview with Celebrity Hairstylist Behind Christina Hendricks’ Mad Men Looks

How many of you have marveled over Joan Holloway’s (Christina Hendricks’ character) hairstyles in Mad Men? Us too. We had the opportunity to speak candidly with Terrie V. Owen, one of the hair-styling geniuses behind the show. She told us about her start in the industry, some quick and easy tips on how to rock retro hair, and how to perfect the classic ‘Joan from Mad Men‘ look.

H2BAR: You’ve worked with the best of the best in Hollywood. How did you get started?

TO: I started in salons and training with some amazing  people from Vidal Sassoon in London. When I got on the floor as a stylist, I met a client who was looking for someone to work on a theatrical production in New York City. The project ended up being a major Broadway show! I had no idea what I was doing and an amazing hairstylist named Russell Smith took me under his wing, and mentored me on how to do wigs, period styling, character work quick changes.. oh, my! So much! I then met another stylist in the theatre and opera business and got invaluable training with him as well. Afterwards, I went on to become the wig mistress for the theatrical shows that came to The Ahmanson Theatre, Mark Taper Forum and LA Opera in Los Angeles. While I was there, I met hairstylists who recommended me for TV work and feature films. It’s been 25 years now!

H2BAR: What a story! It has all brought you to this point. We’re sure you love working on set. What’s your favorite part?

CHRISTINA HENDRICKS at Promo Shoot for Mad Men Season 5TO: Collaborating with actors, directors and costume designers. It takes a village! I love reading a great script and bringing the people on the page to life.

H2BAR: Speaking of bringing characters to life. We always say, for years to come women everywhere will try to replicate Joan’s classic hair from Mad Men! How did the look first come about?

TO: I wasn’t there for Season 1, but I do know that I always wanted to channel a bit of Bridget Bardot. So when I met Christina, I envisioned a redheaded Bridget Bardot, if you will. The creator of Mad Men, Matt Weiner, had a very big say in in the look of the show. He has a great appreciation for the 1960’s esthetic, so when it came to hair, makeup and wardrobe nothing was left to chance. We all studied the time period and would always look to real people from the time to see what they would have actually done with their hair, makeup or wardrobe. Thankfully with the internet, and periods films and tv, there’s many visual resources for hair inspiration.

H2BAR: Absolutely. Any films or TV shows in particular?

TO: One of my film favorites for inspiration is Blowup from 1966. I wanted to convey the stylish and real esthetic of a high end Madison Avenue advertising agency, and what a working woman in the 60’s may have looked like. Not to mention a strong  woman who uses her “ways” as well as her brains to get what she wants.

H2BAR: How is it working with Christina on set?

TO: She’s lovely! Total pro. And easy to make beautiful.

H2BAR: Can you give us a quick step-by-step how-to get Joan’s look? What tools/ products do you need?

TO: You need: Teasing comb, boar bristle brush, setting spray, texture styling creme & hot rollers.

Photos taken by Owen on set of Mad Men.
Candid how-to photos taken by Owen on set of Mad Men.

1. This look is for medium length or longer. If you don’t have much hair, don’t be afraid to pop in hair pieces to add bulk and length. Visit your local wig salons and they will give you options for modern, cute hair pieces and extentions.

2. Always set the hair going back and away from the face. I like to tease each section of hair before I wrap it around the roller.

3. Use good quality bobby pins, not the shiny ones as they will slip out of the hair. Brush the hair out with a good boar bristle brush, gather it up into a ponytail just above the nape and give it a good twist. Then, start pinning from the nape all the way up the back until you get the desired shape. Pin up any loose ends or leave hanging for more of a modern Bridgett Bardot look.

H2BAR: What is one hair product you can’t live without on set?

TO: I can’t say just one! I do love White Sands Setting Spray and Oribe Texture Spray. I also swear by Oribe Impermeable Hairspray because it holds for days!

H2BAR: For an everyday look, what hair products do you turn to?

TO: Oribe Hair Gold Lust Hair Oil for smooth and perfect hair, SACHAJUAN Texturizing Spray for beach/bed hair, and I love Davines shampoos and conditioners.


H2BAR: We heard you love large size rollers, no smaller than two inches, especially for Christina Hendricks. Can you give our readers some tips on how to properly use them?

TO: I do! Never take a section of hair that’s bigger than the roller. Spray setting lotion only at the root, just one pump and do not spray the whole section. Also, tease the hair at the root BEFORE you put the roller in. This gives you massive volume and holds for hours.

H2BAR: What is your favorite hair trends for 2015?

TO: Short bobs with bangs and modern mullets.

H2BAR: You certainly understand red hair. What is one hair secret every redhead should know?

TO: Use a color-safe sulfate free shampoo, don’t shampoo too often, and don’t shampoo in super hot water.

H2BAR: This year marks the final and complete season of Mad Men. How do you feel about it all coming to an end?

TO: It feels like the end of an era. It’s very sad. The writing on show was so amazing and will go down in TV history. I’m certain of it. Shows like Mad Men are few and far between.

H2BAR: And, how about the rest of 2015? What are you up to?

TO: I am starting season 2 of the sci-fi series Extant with the most amazing actress, Halle Berry. I will be her personal stylist which is very exciting.