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Interview with The Creator of “Shades of Fire” – A Redhead Project in Israel

Another example of photographer's love for redheads

Updated: December 5, 2020

Photographers have a thing for redheads. Maybe it’s our vibrant red locks or unique fair skin paired with those powerful sun kisses that attract them. Whatever the reason, we aren’t complaining. It just gives us another reason to hold our head up high and rock our gorgeous red hair.

We spoke down with, Sharon Halabi, a fine arts photographer from Israel, who is the creator of the beautiful redhead project called “Shades of Fire”.

H2BAR: What made you start the “Shades of Fire” project? 

SH: I’m a fine art photographer but among other things, I photograph families. One of the families were gingers. When I looked at the pictures I saw something that caught my eye. There was something different. Special. Something in their eyes that I’ve never seen before. I wanted to keep on and inquire what the magic was all about. I posted a request on Facebook that all gingers should come to my studio and have their picture taken. The magic was there. The project lasted a whole year and during that time I shot over 300 people.

H2BAR: What is the goal of the project? 

SH: The project is complete magic. The unique sparkle in their eyes. It’s the beauty, the acceptance, the sadness and the joy, but the main idea is capturing the pride of being a redhead.

H2BAR: How do you go about choosing the redheads to photograph?

SH: I didn’t choose them. All the gingers who answered my Facebook post and wanted to be a part of the project were welcome to come. I didn’t see them before the shoot and didn’t care about their age, sex or race. From the ages of a two month-year-old infant up until over seventy years of age. Sometimes whole families of gingers. People came from all over the country. No photoshop was done on any of the photographs.

H2BAR: What have you learned from this project? 

SH: I learned a lot. In the beginning, I read some information on the internet about redheads. For example, their gene factor; medical implications, geographic distribution and their fear from extinction.

I spoke with some of the redheads and tried to feel the attitude. Specifically, I wanted to know how it is to be a redhead in Israel today. The older redheads told me they suffered from bullying in their childhood but today it’s very rare. There was one father who came with his 7 year old son and later posted a very emotional testimony about how he had suffered when he was a small child, but now he gives his son confidence and the power to be himself. Redheads have a lot of pride.

H2BAR: What is so special about photographing a redhead? Is it the red traits? Uniqueness?

SH: I don’t really know… I think that there is something special in their eyes, their fire red hair against the black background. It symbolizes drama.

H2BAR: What is your future for the project? 

SH: I want to present my work and I’m searching for the right place to do it in.  I want people to see how beautiful redheads are, how special and unique their hair is. I want everyone to see the beauty I see in them.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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