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Basic Benefits And Uses of Neem Oil for Red Hair and Sensitive Skin

Edited: May 13, 2022

By: Jennnifer Haynes

Neem oil is derived from an Evergreen Tree native to India and surrounding areas. This tree offers an abundance of health and beauty to those who partake of its goodness.  It is most commonly used in Ayurvedic practices for overall health.  It can be taken internally or applied topically to the skin.

There are 150 active compounds in Neem oil that make it work wonders for skin, hair, digestion, and other ailments. It also has no undesirable side effects, so you can use this all-natural product with confidence. Be sure to look for pure organic Neem for the best results.

Just some of its excellent redhead-approved benefits are listed below:

1. It is great for all skin problems ; acne, psoriasis, eczema and many more. It has been shown to solve skin problems that even the harshest of chemical products cannot solve.  It is also great for dry skin and quickly replenishes moisture loss. It may seem crazy to put oil on your skin if it is not dry, but all skin types can benefit from this amazing oil which has properties so close to sebum that it tricks your skin into not producing more oil!

2. It has anti- bacterial, anti-fungal, anti- microbial properties which aid in scalp and skin health.

3. Stimulates immune system health and aids in all forms of stress.

4. Summer is just around the corner and so are the bugs. Neem oil will keep them from biting you; just watch those little critters take flight.

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