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Ice Cubes For Beautiful Glowing Redhead Skin

Is cold weather bringing you down? Put ice back on the list with these great beauty tips:

1. Shrink a zit by wrapping a cube of ice in a ziplock baggie and holding against the inflamed area for five to ten minutes.

2. De-puff eyes by wrapping a cube in a washcloth and holding it over the eyes to reduce early morning puffiness.  For a stronger effect, freeze cubes of caffeinated black tea or store sliced cucumbers on ice to keep you feeling fresh.

3. Prime skin by running an ice cube over your face before putting on foundation. Focus on areas with enlarged pores.

4. Make a DIY ice scrub with blended fruits or veggies (like cucumber, strawberries or mango) and water in ice cube trays. Once frozen, gently rub a fruity cube over your face as part of your weekly facial. The chunky texture will exfoliate as the ice melts into a juicy slush.

Keep your skin beautiful, redheads!