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How to Wear the Whip Hand Cosmetics’ How to be a Redhead Lip Palettes

By: Rachel Moffett

As a redhead, it can be difficult to find makeup that doesn’t clash with your gorgeous red hair.  That’s why the How to be a Redhead founders, Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti, teamed up with Whip Hand Cosmetics to create two lip palettes of pretty shades to complement your red hair.

There’s the EmpoweRED set for daytime and the GlamouRED set for night.  While all of these colors would be beautiful any time you wanted to wear them, many women are still too timid to wear bold lip colors.  Some are simply unsure of when it’s appropriate to wear certain lipsticks.  Instead of fearing a bold lip, grab the EmpoweRED and GlamouRED lip palettes from Whip Hand Cosmetics and How to be a Redhead and keep these tips in mind.

Oh.. and want to know one of the coolest parts? Each lip palette comes with a premium Stilazzi travel lip brush for application!



Don’t let anyone tell you it’s unacceptable to wear lipstick to the office.  A little color on the lips is perfectly okay for a day at work!  However, the colors that are suitable for your office will really depend on the type of job you have.  To play it safe, stick with a light wash of color.  Try the pink or coral shades from the EmpoweRED palette.  Both lip cremes will give your lips some color, creating a polished look, while still being professional.  There’s nothing like a little color on the lips to make you really feel, well, EmpoweRED in the office.

Grabbing coffee or having a lunch date with a friend?  Why not go for the most classic lip shade there is…  Red!  Redheads should never be afraid to wear a red lip, especially when you have such a beautiful red lip creme.  It’s sure to complement your hair and your skin!  Plus, when is a red lip ever a bad idea?

If you have errands to run, any of these shades would be a great option.  But why not go for something bold and try the darkest shade the EmpoweRED palette has to offer?  Lipstick will give you a little extra confidence while you’re out and about and it’ll be a great way to help you feel more comfortable wearing lipstick if it’s something you aren’t used to.



The red lip creme from the GlamouRED palette for nighttime is perfect for a date night.  It’s classic, sexy, and chic!  A red lip registers as a neutral, so it’ll work with anything you wear!  Your date won’t be able to keep his eyes off your lips!

Going to a formal party or attending a work event?  It’s best to keep things classy and simple.  Try the red or peach lip cremes from this palette.  These shades are bold without being overpowering and they’ll still be appropriate for the most formal of events.

A night out with your girls is the perfect time to experiment with your look.  Try something fun like the gold or orange shades from the GlamouRED palette to really stand out from the crowd.  Even better?  Slip into a little black dress and let your lips (and your red hair!) be the center of attention.

How would you wear the lip cremes from the EmpoweRED and GlamouRED palettes?