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Carmina Alvarez

How to Transition Your Redhead Beauty Routine from Summer to Fall

Part 1!

It’s always sad to say goodbye to the fun summer months of red hair flowing in the hot air and sun-kissed skin because the transition into the fall season can be rough on our hair and sensitive skin. But, with the right products and tips, transitioning won’t be so hard.

Here are six”redhead friendly” skin and makeup tips for your changeover from summer to fall:

1. Cleanse

The pollution in the air takes a toll on our skin, especially if you live in cities. It’s important to deeply cleanse the skin to get rid of impurities.

‘Redhead Friendly’ Option: Vichy Pureté Thermale Purifying Foaming Cream

2. Exfoliate

Avoid harsh exfoliants and opt for a gentler scrub formula. Remember to apply with soft circular movements because rough movements may cause redness and excessive dryness. And, only exfoliate 1 to 2 times a week.

‘Redhead Friendly’ Option: ACURE Brightening Facial Scrub

3. Moisturize

When selecting a moisturizer for the fall months, choose one that is rich and thicker.

‘Redhead Friendly’ Option: Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream

4. Wear sunscreen

Even though the fall months are cloudy, windy, rainy.. and sometimes sunny, it’s always important to wear sunscreen on a daily basis. The sun rays are still very powerful and can be damaging to the skin. I’d suggest applying a moisturizer with SPF to help you protect your skin all day long. This can be applied before or after your daily moisturizer.

‘Redhead Friendly’ Option: Aveeno Daily Nourishing Moisturizer with SPF 30

5. Add some bronzer

Leave the bronzer for the summer months and add a little color to your face with a peach/goldish toned blush. This will give you a glowing complexion.

‘Redhead Friendly’ Option: Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzing Powder

6. Rock a bold polish

Deep reds, amethyst purple, mossy and forest greens and deep ocean blues are the perfect transition colors for summer-fall.

‘Redhead Friendly’ Option: ZOYA Nail Polish Elphie

Rock it like a Redhead!