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 How to Take the Perfect Redhead Selfie: 5 Steps to Consider

Get ready for your close up!

It’s no secret, we redheads are extremely photogenic. And we’re in the age during which our phones’ front-facing cameras are being used more than ever. A selfie help us document and commemorate special days and occasions in our lives with pictures.

But, nailing the perfect redhead selfie isn’t easy.

And let’s not forget, we all want to look bomb on Instagram and Facebook. It’s always uplifting to get a little positive feedback from friends and family when you change your profile photo or upload a new post to Insta.

So, how do you capture the perfect redhead selfie? Sometimes it can be frustrating when you look great IRL, but the camera’s not cooperating.

Here’s a ‘Redhead Friendly’ guide to capturing yourselves at your best:

1.Natural Lighting

This is so important. Natural lighting is the number one thing that makes my photos look great. Redheads were born to be photographed in the sun. No artificial lighting or filter can make a redhead glow the way the sun can – sunscreen included. This can be as easy as moving to stand by the nearest window to catch some rays through the glass, like in the car (parked, of course!). The windshield lets all that beautiful natural light in to illuminate your hair and skin perfectly for a picture.

2. Find Your Best Angle

Finding your most flattering side is pretty important when nailing the perfect pic. It takes a little bit of trial and error to figure this one out, but once you know what angle suits you best, it will ensure you’ll be looking gorgeous in every single photo. Try taking a bunch of pictures, all from different angles of your face and then do a comparison. Sometimes our best angle is actually facing head-on, so don’t forget to take one like that, too.

3. Redhead-Friendly Filters

While everyone wants a #nofilter redhead selfie, we live in an age where there’s a vast selection of Instagram filters and photo editing apps available to us, and it would be silly not to utilize them.

The best selfies are the most natural-looking ones, so double-click on that filter and play around with the level to try to achieve the most subtle, radiant effect. Stay away from filters that give the photo a cool hue, these can make the complexion look a little sickly and dull down our red. Here are our all-time favorite Instagram filters to make red hair more vibrant: Lark, Valencia, Sierra, Vesper and Stinson.

4. Add a Pop of Color

We all know blues and greens look amazing on us redheads because they contrast against our fiery hair color. Or, maybe you’ve found another pop of color that you prefer to have in your closet that you always feel amazing and outstanding in. Now’s the perfect time to put it to use to make your red tresses stand out on camera.

5. Own it

Most important of all. To get the perfect redhead selfie, you have to rock it! Be confident, you look amazing and you’re so lucky and unique to be a redhead.

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