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How to Take Naturally Red Strands to the Next Level of Gorgeous

‘Going Red’ has been all the rage lately! As the redhead beauty experts, we are always asked which at-home hair dyes are the best and we have to admit, there is only one: L’Oreal Paris’ Healthy Look Crème Gloss.

Here is the best advice on how to properly ‘go red at home:’

1.Condition: When your hair is in top condition, the color will be more predictable and “take” more easily. To get ready for coloring, use a deep-conditioning treatment a few days before you process it; this is super important if your hair is naturally dry. Plus, the conditioner will help protect your hair from harsh, every day pollutants.

2.Choosing a Product: Always choose a product that will keep your hair looking healthy, shiny and of course, Red. L’Oreal Paris’ Healthy Look Crème Gloss is a great pick because it washes out in 28 days and gives your hair the color it has always deserved. The bonus is that it is only $8.99 a box and is conveniently bought at your local drug store.

3.Maintain: Once beautifully red, it is essential to lock in and prevent the color. Try and wash your hair as infrequently as you can get away with to avoid fading and prolong the life of your color. When you have red hair, dry shampoo becomes your best friend! Choose products that are sulfate-free and use natural hair masks on your hair; we love using plain eggs. Simply mash two eggs in a bowl, apply and leave in hair for 20 minutes.

Rock it like a Redhead!

Photo Credit: Kara Kochalko,  © How to be a Redhead, Styling by Andrew Reynolds, Hair and Makeup by Kiera Doyle, Video Production by Jason Chau and Music Production by Phillip Cocoliato, Photo Location Courtesy of Duane Street Hotel