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Heather Lieber

How to Take Care of Your Foundation

By: Heather Lieber

So, we already know some of the best ‘redhead friendly’ foundations. But, what happens when you bring it home and what rules apply? We don’t want to apply too much and cover our freckles, or make our beautifully pale skin look tan. We just want to enhance our natural look. Part of getting the natural look is taking care of your foundation and it will apply beautifully. Let’s not deny ourselves anymore.


Here are 7 tips to help you get the most out of your foundation:

1. The best foundations are ones that are water based, and fragrance free. Look at the ingredients before you buy.

2. A good rule of thumb from dermatologists: if you can’t sleep in the makeup, don’t put it on your face to begin with. The ingredients should be that natural.

3. Check to see if any moisturizers are in the foundation. If you have oily/combination skin, there is no need to pre-apply moisturizer if it’s already in your makeup.

4. If you have dry skin, always apply moisturizer first.

5. Keep all makeup in a cool, dry environment, not on a warm bathroom shelf. Never let makeup melt in a beach bag or freeze in a car.

6. Do you apply your foundation with a sponge or brush? Even the best tools won’t perform well if they’re dirty. Keep everything clean!

7. If you get a hint of anything funky in your product, throw it out immediately. If your foundation gets separated after you shake it, it’s time to toss it.

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