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Sarah Reeves

How to Rock a Sheer Top

By: Sarah Reeves

Now that it’s getting a little warmer, hemlines are coming up and straps are disappearing. It has become popular amongst designers to create large armholes or see-through tops; which begs the question: what do I wear under that?

Here are some tips on how to properly show your bra, when to wear a tank, and when to wear a slip:

1. Nude Slip. If you have a see-through dress invest in a nude slip. Do not try to wear a cute bra or underwear because that is a fashion no-no. If you wear a bathing suit underneath, you must be at least 30 yards from a water source.

2. Colored Bra. If you have a see-through top (which is very trendy now) wear a nice looking colored bra underneath. There is no sense in wearing a nude bra when it will completely be seen anyways. Stick to tones. If it is a sheer cream top, wear a light pink bra. If it is a black top, wear a nice black lace. Do not mix black and white and go with a conservative cut. You’re not Madonna.

3. Bandeau. If you have a tank or top that has a large armhole, wear a nice bra or bandeau since everyone will see it anyways, again stick to tones.

4. Invest in a Tank. If the top or dress is extremely low cut in the front, wear a tank underneath. It isn’t stylish to completely be hanging out of a dress.

Take these tips and Rock It Like a Redhead!